neroli oil

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an odoriferous yellow oil found in orange flowers and used in perfumery and as a flavoring

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Allow the bar to melt in your hands to release skin softening cocoa butter and shea butter and calming lavender oil and neroli oil.
This bright yellow ball is a stimulating combination of refreshing lime oil and uplifting neroli oil, spicy frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil.
Pop a Golden Slumbers bath bomb into the water - with its lavender, camomile and relaxing neroli oil, it soothes and heals while easing anxiety.
Rub a thin coat of Neroli oil on the candle and the stones or jewellery, then anoint yourself with oil on your pulse points (behind your ears, on your wrists and behind the knees).
tonga, wurzelstock, yagona, yangona) LIKELY HAZARDOUS: Adverse event reports or theoretical risks Bitter Orange (Citrus High blood pressure; None aurantium, green orange, increased risk of heart kijitsu, neroli oil, arrythmias, heart Seville orange, shangzhou attack, stroke.
Add the following essential oils to the water group, a drop or two of each: neroli oil and cypress oil.
Check out Oleo Bodycare's Replenishing Facial Moisturiser with rose and neroli oil.
To finish, they'll both enjoy a massage with the Spa's signature rose, jasmine and neroli oil.