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Synonyms for neptunium

a radioactive transuranic metallic element

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Since mMST shows high affinity for neptunium, which is present as neptunyl species, Np[O.
Christiansen, a geochemist at the University of Copenhagen who specializes in 'green rust', describes how it contains neptunium.
1 Important (MAs) primarily contributors to Neptunium (Np), long-term radio- Americium (Am) and toxicity of the Curium (Cm) waste.
West Lake's thorium-230 and actinium-227 have been ranked along with plutonium, americium and neptunium as among the most radioactively dangerous materials known.
Topics include the mechanisms of long-term uranium transport under oxidizing conditions, the structural chemistry of thorium iodates, the structural investigation of neptunium (IV) in toxicological processes, murataite ceramics doped with lanthanides and uranium, and the effects of hydrogen peroxide on the stability of becquerelite.
Another option is that of partitioning and the transmutation of the long-lived actinides, americium, curium and neptunium.