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favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power (as by giving them jobs)

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QAU is a top-ranked university in Pakistan, and it owes it all to the erudite faculty of the varsity, but the vice chancellor continues to pursue discriminatory and nepotistic policies which have turned the current working environment at QAU intimidating towards the faculty,' he argued.
WHY is it so difficult for some people to accept the will of the majority of voters who obviously have good reasons to want their country to step away from an increasingly authoritarian regime, run by unelected, nepotistic elites from behind the scenes (Time to use some Brexit common sense ECHO, August 31)?
Instead of deputies being the custodians of transparency, morality and legality, they engage in nepotistic matters and party horse-trading.
An early introduction to football's nepotistic ways arrived as an 11-year-old during a boys' club Player of the Year awards night.
The nepotistic hiring of under-motivated staff has deteriorated conditions in state organizations," he said.
For a while the company walked on water, before shifts in the technology landscape, hungrier competitors and nepotistic tendencies of co-promoters taking turns at the top job in the company - among other factors - dented its vaunted reputation.
This is a replay of the nepotistic arrangement pioneered by Argentina's former strongman, Juan Peron, and his third wife, Isabel, in 1973.
They were perceived as nepotistic - trying to advantage their own group.
Sassou-Nguesso has been accused of running a rampantly corrupt and nepotistic government that has used the country's oil wealth to enrich a small elite while delivering scant benefits to a poor population.
Where there is no trust, the transaction costs are high, and a nepotistic society quite effectively makes sure that not the best individual or the most effective company gets the job or the contract.
They have denounced what some regard as a return of the autocratic, nepotistic style of the Ben Ali era.
Here, his character tells his seemingly unfeeling son-in-law, "If you want to fix something, you have to take it apart and put it back together"--advice Davis opts to take literally, first with his toolbox and later by quitting his cushy nepotistic job and joining a wrecking crew.
No one can claim that Aoun has the interests of the Christian community at heart when his goals are so obviously nepotistic and his coercion is leading the entire country into an abyss.
I felt it was a bit nepotistic for me to be nominated but I had covered the highs and lows of the farming industry for nearly 40 years before joining the FUW," he said.
They said that her selection is result of mala fide intention and nepotistic exercise of statuary authority by the Vice Chancellor.