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a conservative who subscribes to neoconservatism

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Even more than neoconservatives are concerned to produce the next John McCain, they are keen to build up people like Jamie Fly--now a top counsel on national security to Marco Rubio and formerly director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, a think tank founded by Kristol and fellow neoconservatives Dan Senor and Robert Kagan.
The old neoconservative wisdom arguing for an unavoidable link between Syria, Iran and their allies in the region is now being exploited to the maximum.
Neoconservative Catholics do not endorse all of the dimensions of freedom that libertarians endorse.
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To be sure, there are valid criticisms to be made of the policy recommendations promoted by neoconservatives, whether it be the expansion of NATO or military intervention to stop the genocide in Darfur.
Sniegoski reminds us that neoconservative and pro-Israeli groups wrote and advocated in favor of a military response and that the Persian Gulf War was successfully promoted in the media and operationally successful, up to a point.
On a global basis, major neoconservative position papers have called for the assertion of American hegemony, with a crusade for a worldwide spread of democracy.
The neoconservative movement was named by Michael Harrington, a socialist writer, in the early 1970s, and Kristol defined a neoconservative as a liberal who had been "mugged by reality.
This tends to support the author's argument that fragmentation of neighboring states has been an Israeli and neoconservative objective.
Muscular liberals and neoconservatives hate each other only because they are so much alike.
To social conservatives and paleoconservatives, neoconservatives are gung-ho capitalists who disdain the true common good; libertarians are libertines; and "Red Tories" are seen as opportunists (especially within the former federal Progressive Conservative party) who have largely adopted left-liberal outlooks.
Kandil said the chief neoconservative objectives are "securing Israel's presence in the Middle East, the return of the Jews to Israel, and the eventual construction of the Jewish temple on the site where the Al-Aqsa mosque now stands.
Those introduced to the vagaries of neoconservative theory after 9/11-that is, most ordinary Americans and nearly every European editorial writer--often overlook the fact that Bush hadn't paid much heed to the neocons prior to September II, 2001, and that the movement's prospects early in the new century had been quite grim.
Kaufman, a self-proclaimed neoconservative, understands the world and its machinations in light of a very simple theoretical perspective and an even simpler moral casuistry.
America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy.