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This type of CNS is not found in Phoronida and Brachiopoda, which cluster with nemertines in almost all molecular analyses (e.
The larval organs may be inconspicuous, as in the apparently directly developing nemertine Carinoma (Maslakova et al.
Although detailed analyses are lacking, the few data available indicate that the random-type of muscle formation may also occur in nemertines (Maslakova el al.
Two ventral cords are also expressed in adult nemertines, while plathelminths may have between two and eight cords (Table 1).
Other invertebrate larvae from taxa such as polychnetes, nemertines, echinoderms, and phoronids have embryonic nervous systems that are very similar to those of molluscs (Hay-Schmidt, 1990a, b, c; 1995).