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Synonyms for neighbour

a person who lives (or is located) near another

a nearby object of the same kind


live or be located as a neighbor

be located near or adjacent to

References in classic literature ?
When fall came she was to husk corn for the neighbours until Christmas, as she had done the year before; but grandmother saved her from this by getting her a place to work with our neighbours, the Harlings.
The old man had been complaining to his neighbour, the village elder, about his third son who had not sent him anything for the holiday though he had sent a French shawl to his wife.
Now I, you see, find an inn so very near my own home, and my first thought is my neighbours.
These are the five reasons we don't speak to our neighbours: New survey gives top five reasons we don't speak to our neighbours There are about 10 pints of milk on my neighbour's doorstep that he hasn't bothered to bring inside and he can't even be bothered to open his curtains.
Following a series of major operations, neighbour Theresa Jackson needed antibiotics three times a day, administered through a line in her arm.
Of those who think they will have to claim, almost a third (29 per cent) say it will be because of damage their neighbour causes to shared walls and fences.
IF there is anyone you need to get on with, it has to be your neighbour.
QMY neighbour has complained that leaves from my tree have blocked his drains and he is therefore demanding that I pay to have them ore likely it is that you will avoid a dispute in the future or indeed be able to quickly resolve one.
In case of any emergency, a good neighbour comes to our rescue first, then the far away relatives.
For example, 28 per cent of people have lent their neighbours something, 16 per cent have fed their neighbours' pets or watered their plants and 12 per cent keep a neighbour's spare keys.
As the song goes, I've lived next door to Alice for 26 years and I think she's a gem of a neighbour - Jean R, East Kilbride.
It is told as a story about men, but it can also be interpreted as a story about churches and how they react to a neighbour in need.
Good Neighbour Awards 2012 THE Birmingham Mail is proud to present our first Good Neighbour of the Year awards.
My dear sister, who lives alone in Birmingham, has suffered many years with a bad neighbour whose children have made her life and those of other neighbours a misery.
Both her mother and a friendly neighbour testified that he violently dragged her out of the house, while swearing and threatening her with a knife.
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