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Synonyms for neighborliness

a disposition to be friendly and helpful to neighbors

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The Governor of the Northern Upper Nile State , for his part, thanked the Government of Sudan representing in Government of White Nile State for hosting the South Sudanese refugees , stressing keenness to keep up ties of good neighborliness.
The Islamic Republic of Iran always welcomes good neighborliness among neighbors so that trans-regional third parties and their mercenaries don't find an opportunity to interfere in the regional issues," he added.
We hope, Pakistan and India will strictly follow the charter of SCO and the idea of good neighborliness, uphold the Shanghai spirit to improve their relations and inject new impetus to the development of SCO,' Spokesperson of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying said during her regular press briefing here.
The Head of State noted: It is extremely important for us that Ukraine-Belarus border was, is and will always be a border of friendship, good neighborliness and reliable partnership.
Now I can report from a place where neighborliness has been taken a step further.
The metaphor, as the book's title indicates, is FDR's consistent invocation of the ideal of neighborliness, from his very first presidential utterances all the way up to his death.
They tasked their multidisciplinary contributors with the job of scrutinizing the role that good neighborliness plays or could play in their particular fields of study, and fleshing out the state of good neighborliness in the European Union, among its member states, and in the relations between the Union and its member states with the ooutside world.
It added that al-Obeidi said that the entry of Turkish troops into Iraq in this way is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and a violation of the rules of international law and the principles of good neighborliness between the two countries, especially since it has been without coordination or prior knowledge with the Iraqi government, and asked the Turkish government to withdraw its troops from inside Iraqi territory, and to maintain the principles of good neighborliness and historical relations between the Iraqi and Turkish peoples.
We have called for calm and reasonable solution to these problems inherited from the history in a spirit of good neighborliness, constructive, reasonable mutual concessions, and mutual interests," the Tajik official said.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Kuwaiti Undersecretary Khalid al-Jarallah described the visit of Kuwaiti premier as "successful", aiming to "delete the past and create new relations based on respect, good neighborliness and common interests".
Mills mentions television as another factor in the decline of good neighborliness and that certainly resonated with me.
According to Poposki, this dialogue will contribute e two countries to see each other without prejudices and to act as true and sincere friends and praised the proposal for an agreement on neighborliness and cooperation.
They also lauded the development of bonds between the two friendly kingdoms, the good neighborliness, as well as the efforts made in this regard by the two governments in recent years.
In remembering, the psalmist dares to hope and imagine that the same God "who works wonders" will do that yet again, here and now These readings provide a ready convergence of old exodus and new gospel freedom, of defying Pharaoh and facing imperial authority in Rome, being on the way to the Sinai covenant and to neighborliness that is the only true freedom.
The dialogue between Bulgaria and Turkey for solving issues from the agenda of the two states in being conducted in a spirit of good neighborliness and respect for the arguments of the two sides.