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Synonyms for neighbor

to be contiguous or next to

Synonyms for neighbor

a person who lives (or is located) near another

a nearby object of the same kind


live or be located as a neighbor

be located near or adjacent to

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Abdul Wahab also shared his bitter experience with another neighbor involving a municipality trash can.
But by the early 1990s, many longtime neighbors had moved or died, and new neighbors didn't have time for traditions.
But before I do, I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my personal thanks and that of the people of the United States for the support being provided by our neighbors in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
Amidst this chaos, the Sheltons decided to do what they could to help their neighbors.
Even if she had kept her trash on her own side, having a neighbor who simply threw trash onto the ground rather than into a container lowered the status of the street.
The results suggested that a diverse repertoire enables males during tense moments to mix or match songs with those of a neighbor to express degrees of aggression.
At the end of his story, Jesus essentially asks the lawyer, What is it to be a neighbor to the one in need?
The general public, for its part, might find itself convinced that the senior living "house of rumors" is actually a helpful, productive neighbor.
c] of the particle shown in the central cell, it is sufficient to only consider particles within the central cell and each of its eight nearest neighbor cells (where [r.
Legal action by the downstairs tenant did not prompt the board or the upstairs neighbor to cure the situation.
Four variables were created to assess the distribution of leishmaniasis cases: the prevalence of active lesions in other members of the same household, the prevalence of scars in other members of the same household, the prevalence of active lesions in the nearest neighbor households, and the prevalence of scars in the nearest neighbor households.
This mini-boom may have been even more pronounced in Yokohama than elsewhere because the Yokohama city government had already announced that its new rules would require any developer of a new large store to seek neighbor input regarding the environmental impact of the store.
Two years ago, when their only son left home, Garter and her husband, Ronald, decided to become part of a pilot program called Neighbor to Neighbor that pays Illinois foster parents a salary to help keep brothers and sisters in the same home.
Initially, a neighbor expressed concern when I had only started teaching.
It's about being a good neighbor," she said easily.