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Across the Western Cape, this negotiant finds the best chenin, the most prevalent white variety.
A superior 2000 vintage California red, 75 percent cabernet sauvignon and 25 percent merlot, under the negotiant label Cask One and offered at $14.
The old traditional European way of naming wines were to name the chateaux, the vineyard, the village, the area or ,in the case of table wines, by the name of the country or the negotiant or wine buyer.
Three of the seven who spoke against the bill's educational provisions were non-nobles: the negotiant and industrialist Humblot-Conte, of the pencil company, and two professors, Cousin and Rossi.
Indigenous Global Development Corporation and Draper & Esquin Wine & Spirits, LLC, a wine negotiant with a 40-acre vineyard designate in Monterey County, will market five (5) varietals under the label of Vinetou Wines.