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The absence or negligibility of traffic direction was assumed during this period.
1992b), significantly below a proposed limit of negligibility of 10 [micro]Sv (Hall 1988).
The apparent negligibility of folklorism (especially as far as major exploits in form were concerned), threw him in the direction of sound quality and rhythm.
The lengths of the subsequences are arbitrary and restricted only by the negligibility assumption.
The twenty-two CSUSTL Priority Issues follow: WTO dispute settlement in trade relief actions; prohibited subsidies; alternative causes of injury; Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act (CDSOA); privatization; elimination of injury test; effective action against fill-in countries; presumption of injury for repeat offenders; sunset reviews; circumvention based on upstream dumping; circumvention based on input products; de minimis thresholds; new shipper reviews; indirect subsidies; access to trade remedies by farmers and ranchers producing perishable, seasonal and cyclical products; zeroing; calculation of all other rates; negligibility thresholds; standing; verification; facts available; and adjustments.
This new negligibility rule has, as of yet, not proven much of a constraint upon judgments of injury and it may be less restrictive to protectionists than past U.
Some are negligibility assumptions that state that certain variables do not matter.
As such, I pose a problem in the history of economic thought, albeit a history limited to only the last fifty years; and attempt to resolve it in terms of the differing emphases that can be given to the notions of anonymity and negligibility, economic and numerical, pertaining to an individual agent.
Due to the negligibility of the speculative money demand and pegging of the interest rate, the observable interest rates cease to be the key linkage between holding money and interest bearing assets.
Whether imports will imminently exceed statutory negligibility levels provides quantifiable data to inform the Commission's threat of material injury analysis.
The economic negligibility of our economy and the fact that all the commodities are produced in equilibrium leads as a necessary consequence to the result that changes in endowment levels of either provincial labour or of capital, provided such changes are small enough that the economy remains fully diversified in the new equilibrium, have absolutely no effect on provincial or federal wages or on capital returns.