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a loose dressing gown for women

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Sales of negligees increased by pounds 6m between 2002 and 2006 as trends move back towards the glamorous movie star image, according to consumer analysts Mintel.
Sales of negligees increased by pounds 6 million between 2002 and 2006 as fashion trends have moved back towards the glamorous movie star image, according to consumer analysts Mintel.
She bought negligees that covered scars, erotic games to stoke imaginations, stimulants to excite relationships interrupted.
Find ways to bring sensuality into your life--beautiful negligees (several companies make lingerie for women who have had a mastectomy), romantic music, low lights.
Plus-size brides-to-be can now find sexy bras, panties and negligees at select Lane Bryant stores as well as online at http://www.
The facility was OK with his sexual preference, but he had to give up wearing negligees while watching television.
Mercifully the do changed from the hinted-at marital aids - "thingies", Little Mo called them - to negligees and undies; which was a relief.
Arrested or slowed-down motion was a recurring theme: women in negligees rearranging themselves into alluring poses; a gangster-style shootout in which arching bodies sailed through the air like autumn leaves; a wafting trio of handholding men at the center of an intense game of musical chairs.
Sister Mary Magdalene has been sewing away at frilly knickers and frothy negligees for more than 30 years in her closeted convent world of chastity and obedience.
She surrounds herself with labial curves - the lace trim of her negligees, the clefts of her bed linens, the halo of her curlers, even the erotic connotations of her Walden, Coral Ridge.
And when it came to their garment of choice, negligees came out on top.
After all, now is not the time for those Victoria's Secret negligees with barely a slip of silk between you and your modesty.
But once we had got over the shock of suspenders, fishnets and frilly negligees, we could concentrate on the plot.
Although at the moment few women are wearing negligees, they are experiencing a bit of a comeback.