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a loose dressing gown for women

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The negligee that Leigh wore in the scene in which her daughter dies in a riding accident, is expected rake in 45,000 pounds, the Daily Express reported.
C0-sTaRs: With shia in Transformers 3 BOyFRiENd: statham ANimAl mAGic Farm girl Rosie shows her wild side in leopard print bra dREssEd TO FRiLL: Model Rosie poses in a sexy negligee, above, and Bumblebee in film
The video which lampoons a Swedish furniture giant's bewilderingly madcap array of bizarrely-named furniture, features Sport Wales presenter Lisa in sexy negligee, looking on disapprovingly as none of the band get to grips with the self-assembly furniture.
Seymour had come to Loren's hotel room for an interview and found her lazing in bed in a blue negligee.
Unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, the brunette android, wearing a racy cropped black negligee and high-cut briefs, says, "I love holding hands with you" when her palm sensors are triggered.
The tests found a trace of Mr Taft's semen on Mrs Bolshaw's negligee, which led to him being named as a prime suspect.
There is more to taking a picture of a swimsuit model or a beautiful girl in a negligee that just clicking the camera.
Instead, spice up an evening at home with dinner made from scratch in candlelight while wearing a lace negligee and ending it with a sensual massage.
This drawing under glass was propped on an expertly thrifted Lucite chair padded in black vinyl, with a sheer ivory blouse and pink negligee draped nearby.
SEXY Zoe Ball looks stunning in a slinky negligee in her role as the new face of Marks & Spencer.
It's marketing fufu, like a negligee - there's not much there.
THE winner of last week's crossword is David Smith, from Ayrshire YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Proverb 9 Grime 10 Total 11 Tutored 12 Ran 13 Charming 16 Defender 17 Gnu 19 Memento 21 Krill 22 Sheen 23 Sitters DOWN: 1 Upstart 2 Continue 3 Reel 4 Egg-timer 5 Pier 6 Bendy 8 Bits and bobs 13 Cleaning 14 Negligee 15 Cutlass 18 Amish 20 Meet 21 Kith QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Direct debit 8 Doc 9 Rot 11 Evening 12 Thigh 13 Fed 14 Say 15 Nosebag 17 Rib 19 Else 21 Omen 23 Some 25 Afar 27 Toy 29 Stirrup 31 Lap 34 Ate 36 Alert 37 Thermal 38 Spa 39 End 40 Stimulating DOWN: 1 Dove 2 Iced 3 Episode 4 Tagged 5 Extra 6 Iris 7 Toga 8 Defer 10 Thyme 16 Gem 18 Boa 20 Let 22 Mrs 24 Opulent 25 Atlas 26 Brutal 28 Yield 30 Totem 32 Alps 33 Peat 34 Amen 35 Tang
The word negligee is derived from the French word for what?
Washington, June 26( ANI ): Personal items, including a negligee, once owned by White House intern Monica Lewinsky and obtained during a federal investigation into her affair with President Bill Clinton are being auctioned off by the Nate D.
La seance d'hier a ete negligee par la majorite du peuple egyptien.