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Synonyms for neglectful

Synonyms for neglectful

guilty of neglect; lacking due care or concern

Synonyms for neglectful

not showing due care or attention


Related Words

failing in what duty requires

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Hughes won a corner which Brennan floated over for the neglectfully marked Brian Shortall to head home.
If the Afghan nation neglectfully forgo standing up against and blocking the ominous plan of the enemies of Afghanistan then they will definitely face the same ill fate which is being faced by the nations who are occupied and subdued by the infidels and the history books are filled with such admonitory stories, the spokesman said.
Aoun's words are strictly political and do not target specific individuals," Khalil said, making clear that Aoun only meant to refer to ministerial performance in general and to those who had neglectfully handled their jobs, the state, and public money.
The video broadcast on December 31st shows the dead and wounded Afghans, with Iranian border forces standing neglectfully by their side.
Down the years most of us have ducked neglectfully below the parapet whenever the levy is discussed, or filed it in some tray marked 'Boring, difficult, somebody else's business'.
A leader who neglectfully allows personal matters to become chaotic and unmanaged is of little use in helping others manage their issues and concerns.
Kurmanbek Bakiev said the Kyrgyz themselves treat the official language neglectfully.
Philip Gwynne, spokesperson for the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership, said: "Our poll suggests that local companies are either wilfully or neglectfully exposing their employees to unnecessary risks on local roads.
This is made particularly clear in the extent to which the heroines are the sums of their parents, one of whom is usually dotingly, neglectfully benevolent, while the other is equally dangerously coercive and strong-willed.
His study chronicles what happens when the induction program is purposefully and neglectfully disbanded.