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Synonyms for neglectful

Synonyms for neglectful

guilty of neglect; lacking due care or concern

Synonyms for neglectful

not showing due care or attention


Related Words

failing in what duty requires

References in classic literature ?
Under the influence of this injury (and perhaps of some little straitness and irregularity in the matter of wages), he had grown neglectful of his person and morose in mind; and now beholding in Clennam one of the degraded body of his oppressors, received him with ignominy.
The book is replete with cases of Black mothers and fathers, who by dint of their own persistence and sacrifice ensured that their children had access to health care and education, thereby challenging contemporary stereotyping of Black parents as irresponsible and neglectful.
e RSPCA seemed out to get me but they had been neglectful in their duties.
Across England and Wales, the most common complaints involve allegations that an officer has been neglectful or failed in their duty, or that an officer's behaviour has been uncivil, impolite or intolerant.
Council verging on neglectful FOLLOWING letters regarding the people who are driving over grass verges, we also have them here on Frankley Beeches Road, Northfield.
A Call to Duty provides a new Honorverse novel, is Book 1 of Manticore Ascendant, and tells of a boy raised in a chaotic home environment by a neglectful mother who longs for order.
Daria'' was 2 when her mother left, and her older brother has reported that Mom was neglectful and suffered fits of rage.
Results indicated that the authoritative Internet parenting style was the most commonly used parenting style practiced by Jordanian parents, followed by the permissive and authoritarian parenting styles, with the neglectful parenting style being used the least.
Harb said that service quality had deteriorated since February, when he was appointed to his current role, and cited neglectful maintenance as the reason for the downturn.
The neglectful father sees in his daughter a chance for promotion ahead of a rival.
Too many piers are trapped in a cycle of neglectful ownership with only periodic attempts at conservation, said Jess Steele, the author of the People's Piers report published today by the trade association Co-operatives UK.
What stability the country may have with such neglectful and disrespectful attitude to the pivotal Kyrgyz language," the President interrogated.
In his tracks Cleaning out my Closet and Kim, he even talked about slitting his ex-wife's throat and killing his neglectful mother.
RAWALPINDI -- Patients coming at the OPD of the Eye Diseases Department at Benazir Hospital are facing severe hardship due to the neglectful behavior by the doctors.
SET in the 1960s, it follows a rebellious teenage girl who is packed off to an isolated boarding school by her neglectful parents.