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Synonyms for negativity

Synonyms for negativity

the character of the negative electric pole

characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

an amount less than zero


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(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond

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In this special report, My 90-Day No Negativity Challenge: How one vibrant Boomer woman shed negativity and changed her life in 90 days, learn why Watermusic challenged herself to 90 days of no negativity, 3 habits that counter negativity, and how she learned to “enjoy the gifts of the day in all their flawed glory.
If we let the negativity get to us, we are going to have beaten ourselves before we turn up against Samoa".
Civic pride comes in all forms and I see no pride in negativity.
Topchik, author of Managing Workplace Negativity (AMACOM, $21.
LECKWORTH BIRD THE fact that he doesn't understand where the negativity is coming from speaks volumes for the man.
I'M very disappointed by the negativity surrounding the buildup to Euro 2012 - and I, for one, am backing the team 100%.
Salmond said: "Despite their protestations to the contrary, the No campaign remains mired in negativity.
There was a lot of negativity surroundingmy appointment," Watson reflects.
But Strachan reckons there will be a change in attitude at the Caledonian Stadium, as the cloud of negativity has been lifted.
Yet I balance that up against playing at home and the mentality of fans with the perceived negativity of one up front.
All it takes is the conscious choice to break away from the burdensome habit of negativity.
Losing breeds negativity, and our locker room was full of that, including myself.
Develop a tunnel vision that can't be penetrated by negativity.
My mission through my music is to give love and uplift people from the trap of dwelling on the negativity of life," says the native of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.
Lohan was re-tweeted more than 3,000 times, and thousands more Twitter users responded to her with comments including "taking precautions isn't negativity.