negative feedback

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feedback in opposite phase with (decreasing) the input

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Both the frequency of feedback and the ratio of positive to negative feedback are important metrics for evaluating instruction.
13) Malthus argued that in man's savage state the brutal deaths caused by "war, infanticide, famine, disease [and] murder of the aged"--which in Holmgren's terminology are called negative feedback loops, kept humanity from overpopulation.
Madhya Pradesh MPs, Prem Chand Guddu from Ujjain ( Reserved) and Sajjan Singh Verma from Devas ( Reserved), may not be considered for the polls this time due to negative feedback from party units.
A confederate introduced positive and negative feedback distractions to groups.
Those who received negative feedback more often chose Facebook.
Given that the trial in Radyr has been an unequivocal success - with even opposition councillors praising the scheme and adding they hadn't received any negative feedback - it might seem odd for us to question it.
The scores range from 100 to -100, with a zero score indicating equal positive and negative feedback.
If you have something to hide and it is revealed, there will be negative feedback.
Alliance Boots chief executive Alex Gourlay has defended its trials with Waitrose after negative feedback on the latter's on-line forums.
ANYTIME THE TOPIC OF SOCIAL MEDIA IS DISCUSSED among a group of bankers, they always share a concern about the fear of negative feedback from customers.
Managers who find it easy to give negative feedback often do so in an abrasive way, thus creating fear and resentment.
When asked about the potential problems of negative feedback and reviews, Sam replied "This gives a chance to respond to our customers in another arena, learn more about our business and the ways we can improve.
It has been shown that individuals generally recall positive feedback more precisely than negative feedback and view it as more accurate because this information is more pleasant and helps enhance one's self-image.