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Commissioner Kohat added that a Muslim could not be the enemy of other Muslim but they had to be brainy that it was the nefarious designs of Muslims and added that we will never let them to be succeeded in their evil and nefarious designs.
Talking to reporters here hours after terrorists attack on PAF camp on Inqialab Road in Badabar area, the Information Minister said the entire nation solute to the courage and bravery of our valiant soldiers who foiled the nefarious designs of terrorists through their bloods.
He added that India's nefarious activities in the region were creating hurdles in the ongoing ZarbeAzab.
But police in Kiryat Gat, some 20 kilometres (12 miles) northeast of the Palestinian enclave, said that they have found one shelter has been used for more nefarious purposes.
These nefarious designs and conspiracies are being hatched to defeat our resistance movement and to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a Muslim-majority state," Malik had said.
ISLAMABAD, May 14 -- President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday said nefarious designs of political actors will never succeed and PPP will whole-heartedly participate in local bodies elections.
It isn't just the crazies who are seeing something nefarious afoot in the U.
Over and over again Blaine takes sides against Kaitlyn, who he seemingly knows pretty well, and with Amber, Kaltlyn's nefarious sworn enemy.
As his job prospects get increasingly bleak and bills mount up, he gravitates toward the lifestyle of his hustling cousins and other nefarious characters.
NEVER ones to miss a golden public-relations opportunity, and winding down from unbridled furor at Dutch cartoonists, leaders across the Muslim world and corresponding radicals have picked a new, nefarious Enemy No.
A shopper might not necessarily be aware of the tag or be able to remove it; thus, it's possible RFIDs can be used for surveillance and other nefarious purposes.
It's also true that Saturn was an attempt by dedicated individuals within GM to produce a vehicle with advanced technologies that would throw back the curtain on this cabal's nefarious deeds.
Deftly intertwining true historical happenings and a remarkable entertaining albeit fictional story, Theodore Roosevelt Rides Again tells the tale of Falconer in his investigation of the "Rough Riders" charge up San Juan Hill as the Roosevelt is accused of a nefarious role in the battle.
The worst case is that someone can destroy your computer, take your rites, and do some realty nefarious things with your network that get you dragged into court.
Should that happen, the United States would immediately fall under the nefarious standards of Codex.