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elongate European surface-dwelling predacious fishes with long toothed jaws

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Our study indicates that during the breeding season, the osprey diet in the Canaries is mainly composed of flying fishes (belonging to the family Exocoetidae) and needlefish (belonging to the family Belonidae), species whose abundance is probably related to their very low commercial fisheries value (G.
ALSO LOOK FOR needlefish and Hawaiian flagtails near the surface; divers may spot goatfish and eels.
We were just killing them with needlefish," said Salter as he walked to the bait shop to weigh in a 5-gallon bucket filled with fish.
John, where you may spot sea turtles in the sea grass, rays, elkhorn and brain coral, translucent needlefish, or tarpon.
136) Cartilagenous fish include the Southern Stingray; Bony fish include the Atlantic Needlefish, French Angelfish, Lizardfish, Puffer, and Spotfin Mojarra.
Last week, a Mediterranean flying fish, identified as Cheilopogon heterurus, was caught off the coast of Devon The fish is found in tropical and subtropical waters and has been recorded in the Bahamas, Australia and the Meditteranean Some experts blamed global warming for the capture of this fish so far north Although a rare find in UK waters, it was previously recorded even further north in the waters around Denmark and southern Norway The fish, which is a member of the Exocoetidae family, is a type of beloniform needlefish and reaches an adult size of about 40cm It often leaps from the water using propulsion from its powerful tail and 'flies' with the aid of its massively oversized pectoral fins
Analysis of the vertebrate faunal remains at the comparative ichthyological collection at the University of Georgia's Museum of Natural History indicates the presence of some 17 different taxa including sea turtle (Cheloniidae), three or four varieties of parrotfish (Sparisoma, Scarus), porgy (Calamus), triggerfish (Balistes), surgeonfish (Acanthurus), various labrids (Labridae), possible hogfish (Lachnolaimus), possible puffer fish (Sphoeroides), jack (Caranx), grouper (Epinephelus, Myctoperca), snapper (Lutjanus), grunt (Haemulon) and needlefish (Tylosurus).
A variety of needlefish species (Belonidae) were captured, with only a few sold by the piece, and no bulk sales of needlefish were reported.
Those are needlefish, she thought, and that is Xenia soft coral.
Cudas--the speedsters of the flats--lurk around the edges of the bonefish flats, so it pays to have a needlefish 'cuda fly rigged on a 10-weight rod.
microps Sundaland Noodlefish CYPRINODONTI-FORMES HEMIRAMPHIDAE Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus Forest Halfbeak BELONIDAE Xenentodon canciloides Needlefish SYNGNATHI-FORMES SYNGATHIDAE Doryichthys boaja Giant Freshwater Pipefish Doryichthys martensii Freshwater Pipefish SYNBRANCHI-FORMES SYNBRANCHIDAE Monopterus albus Swamp Eel PERCIFORMES CHANDIDAE Gymnochanda cf.
Nothing happens to the needlefish, but it brings them to the source of the river.
There are rainbow angelfish, pastel parrotfish, lapis-blue damselfish, silvery jacks, yellow porgies and translucent needlefish.
They have survived only because the crews of the dive and glass-bottom boats feed them 10 times a day Underwater, I watch schools of wrasses, parrot fish, and needlefish rush toward the sound of every approaching boat.