needle blight

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a disease of conifers causing the needles to fall

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But it can grow on a range of sites and so far has proved more resistant to dothistroma needle blight so would offer an alternative tree species.
Dothistroma, or red band needle blight, is another foliar fungus linked to climate change.
While the weather data collected to study the red band needle blight did not indicate a summer warming trend, it did demonstrate a winter warming trend.
In some areas in the northwest of BC, the pine beetle is eating ponderosa and lodgepole pine, while the red band needle blight is crippling what's left.
Timber production could also be hit by the spread of pests and diseases such as red band needle blight.
The Forestry Commission will start thinning areas of Newborough Forest hit by the red band needle blight - which causes pine needles to fall off and in severe cases kills the trees.
Parts of the forest have suffered with red band needle blight and to help prevent this spreading some thinning of the forest will take place, with felling and trimming.
Red band needle blight had been mainly limited to the Southern Hemisphere but since the 1990s has become more prevalent in Britain and continental Europe.