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a person who wants or needs something

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It takes a certain amount of energy to move any data from knower to needer, from,source to user.
In "Origins of a Poem" (1968) she says the poet is a priest when writing, and the communion is triple: "between the maker and needer within the poet; between the maker and the needers outside him .
for details, please refer to the service description, the list of needers and the contract.
The interpretation of the work has no room for such knowledge, which forms no part of the intended experience of naked and inverted bodies, submerged in water, and headless, which relate through meaning to the polished slabs but not to the wiring and electrical energy that make the work physically possible: Stations addresses us not as nerds but as needers of the kind of spiritual assurance, at the margins of religious disclosure, that is conveyed through the swimming movements of the immersed figures.