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The LW index was developed as follows: 0 = wilting symptoms; 1 = wilt, no necrosis on the leaves; 2 = wilt and necrosis on 10% of the foliage and partial defoliation; 3 = wilting and 30% of the canopy defoliated; 4 = 50% of the leaves necrosed; 5 = 75% of the leaves necrosed, defoliation; 6 = 100% necrosed leaves and/or 100% defoliation.
01) concentration in necrosed tissue area of left ventricle than that of non necrosed tissue of left ventricle and that of those who died of acute trauma.
amp; yr Sex involved presentation 1 Nov 28/ Anterior Fever, swollen 2001 M abdominal necrosed area wall 20x12x4 cm at site of appendicectomy wound 1 wk after operation, underlying muscles, tissues and fascia gangrenous 2 Dec 60/F Right Fever, necrotic 2004 gluteal patch 6x6 cm region with surrounding erythema & swelling extending to ant.
The person of African descent is psycho-culturally necrosed having been daunted and stupefied by the trappings and flimflams of Western and Eurasian civilizations.
A MacFee incision can be combined with a third parallel incision on the anterior chest wall to debride the necrosed part of the skin there (figure 2).
Histopathological examination revealed inflammation, perforation and a partly necrosed mid-portion of the appendix.
Numerous Ki67-positive cells with the morphology of myocardium were also found along the border on the infarction site forming highly organized cell clusters that replaced the necrosed myocardium.
DIOLASE PLUS(TM) has many cosmetic and soft-tissue applications; soft tissue curettage; laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket; and removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining and junctional epithelium.