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On 5th day of postinfection moderate histopathological lesions observed depleted and necrosed B lymphocytes observed at medullar area of bursal lymphoid follicle, depleted lymphocytes replaced by heterophils and reticuloendothelial cells.
Necrosed Segment of Flap Debrided and Final Inset Given
Larvae effectively remove necrosed and dead tissue without any damage to the adjacent healthy tissue.
At 25 mg/L Cr(VI) dosage chloride and mucous cells were shrunken in size (arrows) with necrosed epithelium, hypertrophied and abnormal lamellae (primary and secondary) and hyperplasia (Fig.
On the other hand, all explants cultivated on media containing TDZ were necrosed or showed a vitreous aspect, without responsiveness for bud or shoot development.
amp; yr Sex involved presentation 1 Nov 28/ Anterior Fever, swollen 2001 M abdominal necrosed area wall 20x12x4 cm at site of appendicectomy wound 1 wk after operation, underlying muscles, tissues and fascia gangrenous 2 Dec 60/F Right Fever, necrotic 2004 gluteal patch 6x6 cm region with surrounding erythema & swelling extending to ant.
A MacFee incision can be combined with a third parallel incision on the anterior chest wall to debride the necrosed part of the skin there (figure 2).
Specific areas were analysed in each leaf: non-symptomatic tree (A), non-symptomatic leaf (B), necrosed area (C), non-symptomatic area (D) and chlorotic area (E).
In about 3 days the skin over the ankle swellings necrosed exposing the tendon.
Histopathological examination revealed inflammation, perforation and a partly necrosed mid-portion of the appendix.
Initially, there is hyperkalaemia owing to necrosed myocardium.
Four weeks later, the number of calli with globular-stage embryos, necrosed calli, calli with roots, germinated explants and not responding explants was evaluated.
is to check that the entire malignant tumor has been completely necrosed during the HIFU treatment.
On clinical examination, a bitten wound was noticed on skin at mid cervical region with necrosed tissue edges and discharging mucopurulant exudate.