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an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

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Complete spontaneous closure of ventricular septal defect: necropsy study of five subjects.
Data from avian necropsy cases submitted from backyard flocks (any flock of < 1,000 birds) in the CAHFS laboratory computer database (STARLIMS 10.
The second data set was historical necropsy reports of non-hunting related deaths.
In most parts of the world, when a cetacean strands, those conducting the necropsy are working on a stranger.
He was euthanized on the afternoon of July 5, and a necropsy was performed (Table).
Subsequent to getting positive result several times in PCR with the necropsy tissues, the only serum sample of the patient that was available in the archives of the tertiary hospital was also brought to the RMRC, Port Blair for further tests.
A necropsy done on one of the other blue whales determined that it too died from a collision with a ship.
WCO Packard will begin his investigation into the incident, and will await results of the necropsy from Dr.
So when Stroud received a package from a Minnesota park ranger containing the frozen carcass of a gray wolf, he suited up with latex gloves and a lab coat to perform a necropsy, or animal autopsy.
Injury to a health care worker from one of these devices has been reported in the case of a pathologist performing a necropsy.
in addition, researchers said that the administration of Phase 2 for 90 days did not produce any adverse reaction as seen from the organ weight, necropsy, haematological values and biochemical values.
Postmortem condition was classified as good, fair, or poor depending on the gross appearance of organs during the necropsy.
Samples were obtained from the dorsal post-occipital venous sinus, the dorsal tail vein, or free, unclotted blood at the time of necropsy from 189 terrapins.
For instance, for some transgenic lines, the main tumor of interest is the skin papilloma, which can be observed directly rather than requiring a necropsy.
Specimens of Kemp's ridley and loggerhead sea turtles which died during captive rearing (1984 to 1996) were subjected to complete necropsy.