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an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease

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All students not only were expected to be present for the necropsies of patients under their care but were themselves trained on autopsy technique.
A major problem is increasing the number of necropsies, which may be limited by logistics or cultural norms.
Necropsies show that 40 percent of the sea otter deaths may have been caused by infections from one of two land-based parasites.
Gross necropsies entailed a complete external and internal exam of all organ systems.
Subsequent necropsies confirmed that no grossly visible parasites, including nematodes, trematodes, cestodes, pentastomids, and acanthocephalans were present (McFarlen, 1991), at least in the adult female terrapins that were mortally injured by traffic.
As a clinical trainee I also performed a number of necropsies myself.
The workshop consisted of participants rotating through four stations covering a range of topics related to necropsies of moose and other mammals.
In necropsies at sea, he typically works alongside the whale in a small rubber boat deployed from larger vessels.
Two forensic specialists and a veterinarian performed necropsies on Buddy and Ollie.
After the monkeys died, necropsies revealed that all three had identical types of brain lesions.
Nasdaq:ZONA)(PCX:ZNG) announced today that the preliminary interim results from the gross necropsies of both old and young rats exposed to various doses of phentolamine suggests that phentolamine does not induce or promote brown fat proliferations in the rat.
Three of these birds were euthanatized, and complete necropsies were performed.
Necropsies of 4 moose in North Dakota were not entirely conclusive, but suggested that grain overload occurred and was a cause of mortality.
Containers for providing the location to perform necropsies of the seals; the staff of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV-Noord) for providing access to and help with the centralized seal registration data; the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the Trilateral Seal Expert Group for international coordination of the outbreak; Fiona Read for her help with geographic coordinates; Xavier Harduin for help in entering and analyzing data; Robin Huisman for help with the Geographic Information Systems program; and Hans Heesterbeek, Rik de Swart, and Cock van Duijn for reviewing the manuscript at different stages of development.
Biologists who have performed necropsies on black bears have found whole cantaloupes, an entire yellow jackets nest, leather work gloves, pieces of a garden hose and kitchen sponges in the dead animals' stomachs.