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feeding on corpses or carrion


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The loss of scales and the irregular cropping of the trailing edges of these fins suggest that the nurse shark carcass had been visited by smaller fishes and/or invertebrates, indicating that a considerable time interval must have elapsed since the shark's death, thus rendering the necrophagy hypothesis more robust than the alternative active predation hypothesis.
Other dietary sources of protein include dead protozoans obtained from proctodeal feeding, cannibalism and necrophagy, and coprophagy (Noirot and Noirot-Timothee 1969; Collins 1983; Hunt and Nalepa 1994; Nation 2002; Arquette et al.
The great abundance of females in each environment can be explained by the need of appropriate substrata for laying larvae, being necrophagy the most abundant habit, while onion did not have a significant importance as bait.
Termites ingest chitin from various sources, including fungi in decayed wood, and other termites via cannibalism and necrophagy (Moore 1969).
Coccidae), which is housed inside the bee nest and provides sweet secretions and additional wax to build the nest (Camargo & Pedro 2002); the obligate necrophagy of Trigona hypogea Silvestri, T.
Of course, the propensity for carnivory varies with phylogeny and ontogeny, and some grasshopper stages and species exhibit little or no carnivory/ necrophagy (Lavigne & Pfadt 1964, Lockwood 1989).
In addition, baits have also been reported to possess secondary poisoning effect through necrophagy and coprophagy (8).