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Synonyms for necromantic

relating to or associated with necromancy

given to or produced by or used in the art of conjuring up the dead

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The possible function of these texts in a funerary context and in dynastic or necromantic practices, carried out at the magician-priest's house / workshop or at the royal palace, is obvious.
In November 2011, a workshop on "Ghosts in Asian Cinemas" organized at the University of Zurich brought together scholars of various regional cinematographic cultures that share a vivid interest in the study of movies involving a multitude of revenants from local mythologies to globally commemorated sites of calamity, and from individual spontaneous encounters to collective necromantic ceremonies.
8221; The films follow Marek, a runaway slave with a gift for magic who teams up with an unlikely group of adventurers as she struggles to subdue and control her natural necromantic abilities.
Certain elements of Penelope's dream suggest more specifically a metaphoric katabasis colored by necromantic incubation or ekstasis.
Therefore, Romantic poets had necromantic desire mixed with their creative potentialities, and their premature death is the satiation of this enflaming desire.
Actually, I can't teach you any of those things--but I have a treat for you anyway: a book that assays those topics and lots of other tantalizing necromantic antics.
7 as well when, in the second part, the foolish widow comes to the scholar Rinieri for his necromantic skills, without noting that he did not use these skills earlier when she trapped him in the courtyard.
Enter Tara Abernathy, a Crafter dismissed from the Hidden Schools and a first-year associate in the necromantic firm of Kelethres, Albrecht, and Ao.
The topics include some textual and literary links to David's census, a Septuagint's rendering of Hebrew toponyms as an indication of the translation technique of the Book of Numbers, the King/Prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28-11-19 in Hebrew and in Greek, the interpretation of necromantic terms in Jewish translations of the Bible, the chapter and section divisions in Esther, and another citation of Greek Book of Jubilees.
The necromantic politics of the Rajapaksas were thus motivated by extremely rational and cold-blooded reasoning.
necromantic reader of omens, chiromancer, a judiciary astrologer .
That status is also characteristic of the motherless and fatherless orphans of Balto-Finnic necromantic Kalevala-metric songs, who are charged with the task of mediating between different spheres.
Inside, he found a large amount of blood on the floor and bedding, as well as books including 'The Necromantic Ritual Book.
this scene is a parody of the famous necromantic scene in Odyssey 11.
Man shreds postmodernist primers; messes with Photoshop; discovers deep, hazy pictorial space that suggests the afterlife; evolves boggling vocabulary of melting forms, gaseous flesh, and necromantic figures; upgrades the latent melancholy of his earlier art; and winds up as the most enthralling British painter of his generation.