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decoration worn about the neck (fur piece or tight necklace) as an ornament

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And the diamond ring that cost L95, the necklet for L200, and my flaming star at another L100, all three lay safe and snug in the jeweller's own cotton-wool!
Buy one, get a gift free: At John Nelson Studio Gallery, canny shoppers can snap up a free gift, including cards, bags, necklets and hats, when they buy a limited edition signed Giclee Art Print (only 25 of each print).
They lived on seafood and scavenging, they wore rough cloths woven with their own hands and lived in woven houses, and strung themselves with necklets made from shells and twigs and leaves.
The girls, large-limbed, soft-skinned, and with delicately-rounded figures, sat on the ground, laughing and talking, with their knees crossed under them; their wrists were encinctured with girdles of dark red dracoena leaves, their swelling bosoms half-concealed, half accentuated by hanging necklets of flowers.
The bracelets or necklets contain life-saving medical information and details of a 24-hour emergency telephone service that provides the medical team with further medical and personal details.
IF you like chunky jewellery, show your metal with this season's favourite pieces: solid gold curb bracelets for pounds 550 (above) and necklets for pounds 350.