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an ornamental white cravat


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Mr Clennam, would you oblige me--hum--with a blue neckcloth you will find in that drawer at your elbow.
He then took off and folded up his coat, waistcoat, and neckcloth, and slowly drawing on his tasselled nightcap, secured it firmly on his head, by tying beneath his chin the strings which he always had attached to that article of dress.
A VERY stout, puffy man, in buckskins and Hessian boots, with several immense neckcloths that rose almost to his nose, with a red striped waistcoat and an apple green coat with steel buttons almost as large as crown pieces (it was the morning costume of a dandy or blood of those days) was reading the paper by the fire when the two girls entered, and bounced off his arm-chair, and blushed excessively, and hid his entire face almost in his neckcloths at this apparition.
It was not until Lestrade succeeded in getting his hand inside his neckcloth and half-strangling him that we made him realize that his struggles were of no avail; and even then we felt no security until we had pinioned his feet as well as his hands.
A gold-headed cane, of rare Oriental wood, added materially to the high respectability of his aspect, as did also a neckcloth of the utmost snowy purity, and the conscientious polish of his boots.
From the silk, Mr Tix transferred his admiration to some elegant articles of wearing apparel, while Mr Scaley adjusted his neckcloth, at leisure, before the glass, and afterwards, aided by its reflection, proceeded to the minute consideration of a pimple on his chin; in which absorbing occupation he was yet engaged, when Madame Mantalini, entering the room, uttered an exclamation of surprise which roused him.
If I were to make an extra crease in my neckcloth, he would think it worth noticing
Such formed one of Lawyer Covert's beginnings in life, under the tutoring of his precious parent--who was withal a sanctified man, wore a white neckcloth, and wouldn't have taken the name of the Lord in vain, on any account.
3: <<The speaker's obstinate carriage, square coat, square legs, square shoulders,--nay, his very neckcloth, trained to take him by the throat with an unaccommodating grasp, like a stubborn fact, as it was,--all helped the emphasis>> (Dickens, 1998, p.
Poor Betty had her cap and neckcloth pulled off, her nose broken, and looked like a mad thing.
The authors, who are Cambridge physicists, have traced the evolution of the knotted neckcloth from the 17th century to its contemporary form.
Chardin has a sense for the particularity of her clothing, which would have been beneath Michelangelo: Her voluminous blue apron, her striped skirt and neckcloth, her flounced cap and pointed shoes correspond to the personality he teases out of utensils and furniture.
As befits a man who made his fortune in the wholesale hardware trade, Gradgrind has a "hard set" mouth, a head all covered with knobs like the "crust of a plum pie," an "unbending, utilitarian, matter-of-fact" face, and an "inflexible, dry, and dictatorial" voice, while sartorially his "stubborn fact" of a neckcloth grasps him "unaccommodating[ly]" by the throat (1, 100).
Their ammunition spent, the Americans put up a brief resistance until they were crowded back against the river's edge of the heights and a young American officer, Winfield Scott, who would go on to a remarkable destiny, waved a white neckcloth on a sword point in surrender.