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an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer

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Once fully stitched together, snip the inside raw selvedge of the neck opening about V in.
The 170-dollar Anastasia jersey dress created by designer Vanessa Knox transforms just by moving the neck opening and playing around with the sleeves.
Taking care not to stretch the jersey as you sew (otherwise you'll wind up with an off-the-shoulder look), stitch around the top of the former collar, creating a hem about 3/4 inch from the neck opening.
Lift up the skin that covers the neck opening, then stuff the stuffing under the skin, securing it tightly with a skewer.
Compress the bag with one hand, then occlude its neck opening with the other hand.
Most have a rubber edge round the neck opening for comfort and raised edges to stop water spilling.
During fueling, use a cloth to cover the gap between the fuel nozzle and the fuel tank filler neck opening.
For ease-of-use, the diameter of the neck opening was increased, and a peel-away, heat-shrink tamper evident seal was added.
There would have been room for them inside, but the narrowness of the neck opening was an obstacle and it took two tries to get it on.
Fold fabric in half (print side under), measure a one-foot neck opening from the fold, and pin.
But the young Dane got the better of the Aussie Grand Prix star on lap two after a neck and neck opening circuit, and then battled to keep him at bay.
But you will, in fact, have produced a child who can just about manage elasticated trousers and T- shirts (as long as the neck opening is not too tight).
The robe's deeply scooped neck opening facilitates the use of ventilator hoses, and the wide arm openings allow for the easy transfer of IV bags.
The flow usually takes much less than thirty seconds because the neck opening of the bottles is relatively large and the sand runs freely.