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an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer

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Once fully stitched together, snip the inside raw selvedge of the neck opening about V in.
The neck opening is a so-called boat neck, a flat, straight neckline with simple folds at the front and back.
Occlude the neck opening and try to compress the bag.
During fueling, use a cloth to cover the gap between the fuel nozzle and the fuel tank filler neck opening.
Fold fabric in half (print side under), measure a one-foot neck opening from the fold, and pin.
But the young Dane got the better of the Aussie Grand Prix star on lap two after a neck and neck opening circuit, and then battled to keep him at bay.
But you will, in fact, have produced a child who can just about manage elasticated trousers and T- shirts (as long as the neck opening is not too tight).
The robe's deeply scooped neck opening facilitates the use of ventilator hoses, and the wide arm openings allow for the easy transfer of IV bags.
EASY: Lap shoulder neck opening make countless outfit changes easy
The men's line features revamped stitching, to make the collar stiffer - more stylish, this boosts insulation by preventing cold air from entering through the neck opening, while new tailoring allows freer shoulder and arm movement.
Soon after the child's birth, a clear serous discharge was noticed draining from a pinpoint neck opening anterior to each sternocleidomastoid muscle halfway between the hyoid bone and the clavicle.
The air cylinder for main air blow may be used to form the part neck opening.
When inspecting a glass bottle, which is rarely used these days, besides checking the dimensions, neck opening, freedom from flaws and filling capacity, the quality of the seal used to cap the container is of prime importance; glass is impermeable and product loss other than breakage is dependent upon the quality of the closure.
Graham Packaging designed a 20-ounce, clear PET container with multi-layer barrier properties and an unusually large neck opening (43 milliliters).