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one of 7 vertebrae in the human spine located in the neck region

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Major Finding: The change from baseline in femoral neck bone mineral density at 2 years was 1.
The age-standardized mean femoral neck bone density was significantly lower in women with oophorectomy before age 45 than in those with intact ovaries: 0.
There was a similar pattern of femoral neck bone loss over the 9-year observational period.
Three hundred and eighty-nine postmenopausal women aged 49 to 67 with a femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD) of less than 0.
More specifically, genistein administration (54 mg/day), caused a significant increase in lumbar spine and femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD) without any significant adverse effect on the breast and uterus.
From what I've seen while dressing elk, the hole in the front of the ribcage between the neck bone and the breastbone is only about the size of a softball.
Below, stone scrapers, neck bone of a deer, salt beds.
It mainly affects my arms and shoulders, although I have a neck bone wastage condition which makes it worse.
We reported a 3 percent increase in density in the femoral neck bone at the top of the thigh, we think because the leg press--an exercise that strengthens the major leg muscles--has the greatest load," says Hurley.
He went head over heels and she suffered a hairline fracture of a neck bone.
The mean spine, total hip and femoral neck bone mineral density (BMD) T-scores at baseline were -3.
A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said she was badly hurt, suffering a crushed windpipe, a broken neck bone, a stroke and severe bruising.
With excitement, we collectively experienced God breathing life into and connecting those dry bones limb by limb as Dynamo strutted up and down the aisle connecting the neck bone to the shoulder bone and the hip bone to the thigh bone and the leg bone to the ankle bone and the ankle bone to the foot bone and we all emerged invigorated new people.
The authors of the UCLA study also found premenopausal women and early perimenopausal women who had vasomotor symptoms were found to have lower femoral neck bone mineral density than those without vasomotor symptoms.