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A similar nebulousness arises when Kilcup reads the laboring body as a natural resource in her analysis of works by Lucy Larcom and Harriet Jacobs.
The nebulousness of the undue burden standard also stems from its varied application in different states, where the market for abortion and the size of the state have an enormous impact on undue burden analysis.
As Werner Hamacher has argued, such cloudy spots lack the coherence of a conceptual object, and the gestus is a way to approach them in their very nebulousness.
As a result, it is no surprise that anthologies about empire can suffer from a certain nebulousness.
Given the nebulousness, the agency of youth close to the borderline age of adulthood is not fully recognized and the extent to which the UN treaty or the national constitution speaks for the interest of children.
The same incapacity to unravel the mystery in Monsieur Pain, the analogous inability to ultimately comprehend Cesarea' s poem in Los detectives salvajes, and the almost impossible task of finding the true murderers of women in 2666's "La parte de los crimenes," have their counterparts in the utter nebulousness that surrounds many of the poetas and fragments of La universidad desconocida and especially of Amberes.
Counting on context, words at the midlevel abstraction level can veil with ease and stealth their inherent nebulousness and inexplicitness.
In the view of that essay, the main shortcoming was that it would be all but impossible to determine if any law, act, or institution was pro- or anti-liberty, given the nebulousness of indirect and hence of both indirect and overall liberty.
Jonke's comments here escape suspicion of New Age nebulousness by the direct practical connection he makes between them and his writing methods, as he describes how he paces the floor and works himself up to a fine frenzy culminating in a kind of automatic writing for hours or even days on end.
fluidity and nebulousness of the cartels, in 2008 the Juarez Cartel
7) Similarly, Brontes narrative co-opts the nebulousness of idiocy for its own ends, putting disability to use as a signifier for the dysfunctional family relations that plague the novel, in such a way that Hareton comes physically to embody the disordered nature of the domestic environment at Wuthering Heights.
Danesi (2002) says that grey colour symbolizes dullness, mistiness, obscurity, nebulousness etc.
The nebulousness of these plans is understandably unsettling, sufficiently so for audible murmurings of industrial action to be growing ever louder.
Thirdly, the nebulousness of the contemporary business environment in India requires that managers look for employee motivation in tools that are social, interpersonal, or even spiritual (Sparrow & Budhwar 1997).
The clan leader's interpretation of civilization seemed to have been sanctioned by the Ecuadorian government, as well, which had failed to prosecute those involved in the 2003 massacre despite the fact that they spoke openly of the expedition and in many cases confessed to killing far more people than they actually had; Rafael Correa meanwhile contributed to the nebulousness of the crime by making statements that called into question the existence of pueblos no contactados.