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Synonyms for nebbish

a totally insignificant person

Synonyms for nebbish

(Yiddish) a timid unfortunate simpleton


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The attraction of nebbish to MPDG is predicated on her unattainability; like the "real life" Manic Pixie Girlfriend--like Rabin's--is a contradiction in terms not primarily because the MPDG is fictional, but because the girl exceeds the trope's conventions.
Chapter Four explores the study's most abundant Jewish American racialization: "the neurotic nebbish.
Still, an examination of a few less typical early episodes of WireTap in which Jewishness figures more prominently--not just as an offhand reference or two, or in the general sense of a shlemiel or nebbish protagonist, but as a significant element of a piece's plot or argument--suggests that it is implausible that Goldstein chooses not to translate or to contextualize Jewish references in his work because he expects all his listeners to be knowledgeable about Jews.
Who, for instance, can forget the existential plight of Henry Bemis, Burgess Meredith's character in the first season's "Time Enough at Last," when, wanting nothing more than to spend his life reading, this nebbish fellow gets his wish by becoming the sole survivor of a nuclear holocaust that kills everyone in his unnamed city but leaves its library intact, only to break his Coke-bottle glasses while rejoicing over the serenity and silence that he will now enjoy amid tall stacks of books?
Is 1812 giving America's favorite neurotic nebbish a makeover?
Chris Shaw is a bit of a nebbish, a Woody Allen-esque guy who researches Parkinson's disease for a living.
Director Murray Chase is doing a bit of color-blind casting here; talented young African-American actor Charles McKenzie plays the nebbish Leo, while long-time area fave Larry Golden is the wily Max Bialystock.
Yet, I still couldn't complete the series that year because if it was Roman Semproch you couldn't get, it was an Ernie Banks; and if it wasn't an Ernie Banks, it turned out to be some other nebbish, like Toby Atwell.
selling apocalypse and give us the Nebbish Kings of Doom.
Nebbish Victorian teen Tristan (Charlie Cox) wants to give the star to his stuck-up village girlfriend (Sienna Miller), hoping that she'll marry him.
As for the spirited Hennie, she forms a characterological triumvirate with Moe and Ralph--as opposed to the triumvirate of Bessie, her nebbish of a husband named Myron, and the doormat known as Sam Feinschreiber (Hennie's husband).
And, like a Bellow protagonist, Tom is a weak-willed nebbish unable to resist the force of someone else's actions.
According to Weinstein, also known as The Comic Book Rabbi, behind the Man of Steel's cape resides a "bumbling, nebbish Jew.
When Kimberly concocts a sexual harassment campaign against her nebbish and pervy teacher (hmm, sounds even more like Election, huh?
Stuart Woods has created a fabulous hero who can turn from nebbish to dynamo when he feels someone threatens people he cares about.