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Synonyms for nebbish

a totally insignificant person

Synonyms for nebbish

(Yiddish) a timid unfortunate simpleton


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He didn't like Jews (Walter would be the exception, since the nebbish needed him), didn't like most Catholics, didn't like dentists from Des Moines.
Lee Fallon's essay, "The Nebbish King," provides a particularly astute reading of Allen's cinematic masterpiece, Manhattan.
In "Winky" a nebbish loser attends a self-help seminar to become more assertive, planning to evict his sister from the house they share and lead the successful life that exists only in his fantasies.
It's a tired device, with the macho Durden merely the unleashed id of the nebbish everyman who speaks to the men in the audience (I've yet to find a woman who finds the picture especially interesting) about the collapse of male identity.
When nebbish salesman Anderson (played to Woody Allenish perfection by David Boyce) takes a seminar on conflict management, his life is transformed.
The Catskills became the training ground for the stand-up comic, the sad-sack nebbish whose troubles are greater than life, and whose kvetch is cosmic as well as comic.
In the 1976 film "The Front," Woody Allen plays a good-natured nebbish who fulfills a real need: putting his names to scripts and screenplays authored by television writers who had been blacklisted during the McCarthy era.
The Coen brothers' Barton Fink is a nebbish idealist with a paralyzed will, nightmarishly unnerved by the conflict between his artistic ambitions and the vulgarity of Hollywood.
Stephen Hunter of the Washington Post wrote in a film review of a "Woody Allen figure, a New York nebbish, the loner who wasn't in the cool set and had an uncertain way about him" (C1).
The intense, nebbish Eisenberg really nails Zuckerberg, while Andrew Garfield as Eduardo, singer Justin Timberlake as Napster founder Sean Parker, and Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins are also rock solid.
selling apocalypse and give us the Nebbish Kings of Doom.
But songwriters Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken turned the story of a nebbish and his man-eating plant into an off-Broadway hit, which in turn was made into a 1986 film with Rick Moranis, Steve Martin and Bill Murray (as the masochist).
She's married, vaguely happily, to the company's pencil-pushing nebbish Russell (Benjamin King), whose possessiveness doesn't really make up for his lack of romanticism.
For while the Hogwart's nebbish is more or less apolitical (despite a weird nostalgia for a class-bound society), Pavloff's book is a direct response to the rise of the far right in French politics.