neat's-foot oil

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a pale yellow oil made from the feet and legs of cattle

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The new boots would then have been filled with neat's-foot oil and hung up in the roof of the shed to season.
Neat's-foot oil, shaving cream, water, mallets and good-old American spit also work, but you could let it happen naturally.
Right now the leather is a bit stiff but I'm sure with regular use and sparing applications of neat's-foot oil it will become more comfortable.
7 gallons water 2 pounds (16 cups) bran flakes 16 cups plain or pickling salt (not iodized) 2 large plastic trash cans (30 gallon) and one lid 4-foot wooden stirring stick 3 1/2 cups battery acid (from auto parts store) 2 boxes baking soda wood rack or stretcher neat's-foot oil nails wire bristle brush
Soaking them in neat's-foot oil for two weeks softened them up nicely.