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Synonyms for nearsighted


Synonyms for nearsighted

unable to see distant objects clearly

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For the latest study, Nomdo Jansonius at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands and colleagues combined data from 11 previous studies that included tens of thousands of people, tracking who was nearsighted and had glaucoma.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved it for use in refractive eye surgery in nearsighted and astigmatic patients and will soon approve it for farsighted patients.
Readers are let in on the secret that escapes the nearsighted farmer's notice, making the story enjoyable for children and adults alike.
They found that Asian-American youngsters tend to be myopic, or nearsighted, more than their Hispanic African-American, and white peers while white children present with hyperopia, or farsightedness, with greater frequency than those from other ethnic groups.
This personal and political avoidance of poverty issues is nearsighted and unconscionable.
When economic competition with the West proved too much, the enlightened but nearsighted Gorbachev eased up.
Older nearsighted people can read without glasses but distant vision is blurry.
According to the American Optometric Association, nearsighted African American males are more at risk than whites or females for juvenile onset open-angle glaucoma (JPAOG)--especially if glaucoma runs in the family.
After seven years of clinical study and more than 1,500 treatments of nearsighted patients, KeraVision Inc.
If a person is nearsighted, he can see objects that are close up, but objects in the distance are blurry.
It's especially helpful for those who are so nearsighted that the first thing they do in the morning is reach for their glasses so they can see the alarm clock.
And so I would have to be some kind of really nearsighted fool to wallow in what's left of the world that's gorgeous and freely given and natural and sweet and hot and unpredictable and delicate and good for growing things.
There are about 70 million nearsighted persons in this country, and at (typically) $2,700 for a ten-minute procedure per eye, the potential rewards are staggering.
1% of people with IQs of 128 or higher were found to be nearsighted.