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Synonyms for nearsighted


Synonyms for nearsighted

unable to see distant objects clearly

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He said that in some cases premature birth may increase the likelihood that a baby or young child may become nearsighted, especially if the baby has retinopathy of prematurely (ROP).
A nearsighted eye has a thinner and more delicate retina, which can more easily tear or become detached during or after surgery," says Dr.
My family members support this "addiction" (they call me a book addict) and at the same time nag me about it (they fear I might become nearsighted again considering that I had a laser eye operation last year).
The normal eyeball is round like a marble, but the nearsighted eye is shaped like a grape.
As a teenager in the '60s, I saw an article on submarines mentioning that men on sub duty become nearsighted (irreversibly, it was thought).
Only Mara--obsessive, compulsive, nearsighted Mara--her head straining forward toward my diagram, copies in awkward script ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GG.
For each extra hour spent outdoors per week, the likelihood of being nearsighted fell by around 2%.
In the presentation, a Chinese study was cited, of 80 nearsighted children between the ages of seven and 11.
He cited a Chinese study of 80 nearsighted children aged seven to 11.
Summary: People who are nearsighted may be nearly twice as likely to also develop glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness, according to a study.
Floaters are more common in people who have had cataract surgery, suffered an eye injury, are very nearsighted, or have diabetes.
2) Even with eight eyes, spiders are notoriously nearsighted.
Within minutes, NETRA can diagnose whether someone is nearsighted or farsighted, or suffers from astigmatism or the vision loss associated with aging.
Debra Ronca, a contributor to the How Stuff Works website, says "Sitting close to the TV may not make a child nearsighted, but a child may sit close to the TV because he or she is nearsighted and undiagnosed.
Sitting close to the television may not make a child nearsighted, but a child may sit close to the television because he or she is nearsighted and undiagnosed," she reports.