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(superlative of 'near' or 'close') within the shortest distance

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In another instant the tree was deserted; the figures of the five millionaires of Devil's Ford, crossing the fierce glare of the open space, with boyish alacrity, glistened in the sunlight, and then disappeared in the nearest fringe of thickets.
if this yer an't the nearest, now, to what I've heard folks call Providence," said Haley.
Exactly as I would speak of my nearest personal friends or enemies, or my most familiar neighbors, he spoke of Sir Bedivere, Sir Bors de Ganis, Sir Launcelot of the Lake, Sir Galahad, and all the other great names of the Table Round -- and how old, old, unspeakably old and faded and dry and musty and ancient he came to look as he went on
In a statement, carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the Higher Court advised whoever watches the moon to report and give his testimony to the nearest court or request the nearest government center to help him reach the nearest court.
The court urged anyone who sights the new moon with his naked eyes or with telescopes to report his testimony to the nearest court or request the nearest government center to help him reach the nearest court.
copies of single issue published nearest to filing date: 5,000
Deposits and Guarantees required: Lot 1 (mixed meat) Deposits (5% of the initial batch amount (excluding VAT), rounded to the nearest ten years).
com, 0844 412 5970 or visit your nearest Thomas Cook or Co-operative Travel THOMAS Cook is offering seven nights in Tunisia from PS315 per person, based on three adults sharing and staying at the four-star Royal Azur in Hammamet on a half board basis, Departs Birmingham March 10.
The nearest town is Dalesford with a population of 3,037 and the next nearest is Hepburn Springs, population 670.
FORD has extended the sales gap over its nearest rival during a bumper September sales month - and through the year as a whole.
If seen by mere eye spotting or by telescopes, the viewer/viewers should report to the nearest court, register his/their testimony or call the nearest government authority to help him/them to reach the nearest court, the Supreme Court said citing the tradition of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) in this case.
Gents side contests: Longest drive (day 1) -- Ray Santiago (hole 15); nearest the pin (day 1) -- Paul Carpenter (hole 12); longest drive (day 2) -- Rob Lane (hole 6); nearest the pin (day 2) -- Graeme Newport (hole 16).
AMENITIES: Nearest primary school 1 mile; nearest secondary school 1.
Gents side contests: longest drive day 1 - Richard Bolton (hole 15), nearest the pin day 1 - Kevin Ross (hole 12), longest drive day 2 - Rob Lane (hole 6), nearest the pin day 2 - Paul Carpenter (hole 16).
NEARLY four in 10 people know the balance of their current account to the nearest pounds 5, as the squeeze on finances and the rise in internet banking has bred a "generation of compulsive bank balance checkers", research has found.