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Synonyms for nearer

(comparative of 'near' or 'close') within a shorter distance

References in classic literature ?
The far-off barking of a dog, a lost shout, the indistinct murmur of some nearer watercourse--mere phantoms of sound--made the silence more irritating.
Christie crept nearer to the edge of the slope in the shadow of a buckeye.
It had been planted by a great-grandson of the first Pyncheon, and, though now fourscore years of age, or perhaps nearer a hundred, was still in its strong and broad maturity, throwing its shadow from side to side of the street, overtopping the seven gables, and sweeping the whole black roof with its pendant foliage.
Glancing at the looking-glass, we behold -- deep within its haunted verge -- the smouldering glow of the half-extinguished anthracite, the white moon-beams on the floor, and a repetition of all the gleam and shadow of the picture, with one remove further from the actual, and nearer to the imaginative.
ON WANTING TO MOVE TO SPANISH FOOTBALL: "There is plenty of time to go elsewhere, hopefully La Liga one day and be nearer Magaluf
And why are we no nearer sorting this hideous problem?
I am thinking principally of the spaces made available for the disabled, usually nearer the entrances/exits.
In a statement, the Ministry advised citizens and expatriates not to come nearer the above-mentioned training zone and not to be worried as well, as the exercise is an ordinary practice.
The background galaxy, and the fact that it is aligned with its radio jets perpendicular to UGC 10288's disk, provides a valuable means of studying the nearer galaxy.
We had to endure five long years of trouble, a bit worse than Canada now, but it seems inevitable to come nearer and nearer here.
A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced, or if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole without penalty.
But usually the mystic goes on to build this theory nearer and nearer to his wishes--which may be naive--paying less and less attention to any evidence that might modify or disprove it.
Through my lens, I tracked Wishfull Thinking coming to the fence in the lead on the first circuit and as he fell he was getting nearer and nearer.
alert--closer-- nearer now the chasing before your pots can
alex McleISh has told aston Villa's long-distance players he still wants them to move nearer their jobs.