near-death experience

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the experience of being close to death but surviving

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U2 singer Bono's inspiration for his latest album Songs of Experience came from a near-death experience.
But having survived his near-death experience, the music star claimshe now has a completely different perspective on his life and hiscareer.
Life After Near Death" is the only study to explore the deeper meaning of the near-death experience through the prism of its extraordinary after-effects.
Synopsis: "Heaven's Consciousness: A Near-Death Experience With Relevant Poetry" is a kind of invitation to Heaven
Identify the after effects patients may have following a near-death experience.
Approximately 20 percent of cardiac arrest survivors report having had a near-death experience during clinical death.
But others stood firmly by Alexander, who has previously spoken of his near-death experience on science TV programs and in a lengthy interview last year with Skeptico.
Thom said: "I know people say a near-death experience changes you but you never really understand that until it happens to you.
A clip from that essay: "More than 20 years ago, many computer companies faced the same kind of near-death experience that confronts newspaper publishers today.
FORMER Brookside actor Vince Earl has become the patron of a Merseyside organ charity after a near-death experience.
Weeks after the near-death experience, after the tearing loose
Life at death: A Scientific Investigation of the Near-Death Experience.
This type of ongoing consciousness in an alternate reality beyond the ordinary boundaries of time and space is commonly referred to as a near-death experience (NDE) because it typically occurs when someone is near death or intensely frightened by a physically or emotionally dangerous situation (Kellehear, 2009).
Carter looks at the categories of objections to the validity of the near-death experience (NDE), the quality of the arguments, and the evidence arguing in favor of survival.