near-death experience

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the experience of being close to death but surviving

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A spotlight is being shone on the controversial question of near-death experiences in an unusual artwork to be exhibited on Tyneside.
I will take up, in order, the near-death experience and the claims of many that they communicate with their beloved dead.
She later had another near-death experience when she was beaten by a man from a prior marriage.
Hameroff, in a near-death experience, when the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, and the microtubules lose their quantum state, the quantum information in the microtubules isn't destroyed.
And he confirmed that people who report a near-death experience sometimes "see" things that it would have been impossible for them to see if they had been unconscious on an operating table.
INTUITIVE WELLNESS: USING YOUR BODY'S INNER WISDOM TO HEAL began with the author's recovery from a near-death experience twenty years ago, leaving her with the ability to telepathically scan the structure of a person's body to see inner disturbances.
While there, she has a bad fall and suffers head injuries in a near-death experience that requires her to be hospitalized.
The father of 13 will talk about a near-death experience in hospital when he saw a vision of divine mercy.
1919191919191 8 nenenenen aRaRaRGaGa Martin Holmes speaks to Stig Blomqvist about the 1982 Swedish Rally, while Beatty Crawford relives a near-death experience.
presents Lessons From the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience, a compilation of both individual experiences and the latest studies concerning Near-Death experiences, or NDEs.
IT'S easy to scoff at people who say they have had a near-death experience during a serious illness.
UH-OH: At the beginning of the second season of FX's absolutely brilliant series about New York firefighters, ``Rescue Me,'' Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) has a near-death experience.
After a demanding eight-year career as a San Francisco police officer and a near-death experience, Andrew A.
Three weeks after a near-death experience while giving birth Amanda, 41, showed off her fantastic post-baby figure in a tight blue frock.
In fact, the link between REM and the physiological crises causing near-death experience are most strongly linked in animals, like cats and rats, which we can study in the laboratory," he said.