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The name Lucia derives from the Italian word for light and Lucia Anna, James Joyce's daughter, was the light of her near-blind father's life.
Some today may still remember the first league match played against Bedworth, in which the opposition played a near-blind man and won by 10 wickets.
For reasons unknown, on this day the near-blind mother (Kim Darby) of the horribly abused Katie (newcomer Tarra Steele), frees her daughter from the cell-like room that has been her prison for the first 12 years of her life.
In other words, Berman's suggestion was both radical and very simple: Forget about all the current complex regulations with their near-blind faith in oil companies billing themselves fairly, and just make them pay royalties based on what people would pay for the oil on the open market.
Leask deftly weaves Fanny's sensitive narrative with the pro-conquistador classic by the near-blind historian William Prescott.
Gus Dur is the near-blind cleric who leads Indonesia's largest Muslim organisation, the National Awakening Party (PKB).
They are most scared for one of their children who is near-blind.
Democracy's virtues and excesses are undoubtedly more pronounced in this country, complete with intense passion and sometimes near-blind faith of participants in the street-clogging and self-flagellating procession that is Philippine politics.
During 25 years running a 24-hours service, more than 12,000 benefited from the direct action Joan Jonker took after reading of the plight of a near-blind World War I veteran beaten up by thugs.
Gradually, Michele overcomes his initial fears and strikes up an odd, protective friendship with this strange, wild-haired, near-blind creature.
Marianne is being joined on one leg of her journey by near-blind Caroline Casey - who rode across India on elephant last year.
Near-blind since infancy, Markus Anatol Weisse has overcome great odds to express himself in intricate, Daliesque paintings and fanciful "robot sculptures.
In London, police are seeking the killer of another widow, 83-year-old near-blind Elsie Norwood, strangled in her bedroom.
When buying toys for blind or near-blind children, the importance of squawking and talking, of textures and hand-held puzzles become clear.