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wind moving 32-38 knots

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The trio bravely battled on and achieved their goal despite the atrocious weather and near gale force winds, and lots of drama along the 40-mile route.
So impressive were the home side that they even managed to have the best first half, even though they were playing into a near gale force wind blowing in off the Mumbles.
7 32-38 Near gale Whole trees in motion; inconvenience felt walking against the wind.
The stormy weather nationally has killed four people and in Coventry yesterday near gale force wind speeds of 42mph were recorded.
42am near Gale Barracks, which accommodates many soldiers.
The Meteorological Directorate issued a warning for thundery rainshowers and near gale gusts later.
With a near gale at their back, the Highlanders came flying out of the traps, pinning the home side back in their own half early on.
Evidence of an ancient stream came from analysing the size and shapes of pebbles and gravel near Gale Crater.
The country was buffeted by near gale force winds as temperatures dropped to 14 degrees and speeds reached 27 to 30 knots at times.
Dubai Near gale force winds whipped up sand in the inland areas across the UAE reducing visibility, churning up sea waves and ruining everyone's weekend.
The weather report for the date said it would be "blustery" and Examiner weatherman Paul Stevens said his records showed it had been near gale force conditions.
Devine had to contend with a near gale force wind during the final but he insisted that was no excuse for failing to topple Zhiou.
The Quins had first use of a near gale force wind and Gareth Cull kicked them into a third-minute lead with a 48-metre penalty.
The visitors, playing into a near gale force wind, turned around just 10-3 in arrears and seemed set for a second-half revival.
COULBY Newham Under-15s visited Ferryhill from Division Five in the first round of the league cup but near gale force wind conditions made it difficult.
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