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a less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon

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The average dry season concentrations during the spring and neap tides at Wardell were 33.
When this condition exists, the tides are called neap tides, a Saxon term related to the Germanic word "knippen", to pinch, meaning that they are reduced in size.
This could be combined with a much greater number of ADCP measurements, gathered over at least two full spring and neap tides.
During neap tides, currents were similar except that the magnitudes of the measured parameters were lower.
All fishing will be at anchor and we can advise on the best available tides, for example; neap tides are most suitable because that means high water is more often in the morning and low tide in late afternoon and they will provide enough tide run to encourage good sport.
Therefore the maximum diurnal inequality is centred around spring tides in June and December, and the weakest inequality during neap tides in March and September.
Their combined effect on the Earth is minimized, and we experience neap tides, the lowest high tides of the month.
The rhythmites display layers of varying thickness, reflecting the high spring tides and low neap tides that mark the lunar month.
4 h; the amplitude of these tides changes with a fortnightly periodicity, resulting in spring and neap tides.
At such times the gravitational action of the Sun counteracts the dominant Moon's action, resulting in neap tides.
In DE the largest populations emerged during spring tides, but they continued to spawn during neap tides.
Neap tides occur when the orbital arrangement weakens the pull on Earth's oceans.
i) Spring tides occur when the gravitational pull of both bodies is in tandem, and, ii) neap tides when they are at right angles and thereby partly cancel each other out.