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someone with an aggressively negative attitude

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I then imagined how wonderful it would be to always work with people who are positive, energised, motivated and who solve problems instead of passing the buck to someone else, and then it struck me: in reality there will always be naysayers, and hence the motivation for this article (ok, and to release some pressure regarding this specific situation as well).
That's why we should ensure that democratically elected members make our foreign policy choices, not the naysayers.
The majority of Americans are between the two extremes, but most agree more with the alarmists than the naysayers, he found.
But his understanding of why naysaying is so vital is invigorating: "The best naysayers force us to confront things that we otherwise might not late, thereby opening the door to feelings like anger, understanding, and empathy--and, through them, to action that prevents inhumanity .
But multi-national Tenaris, the company which purchased Algoma Tubes from former owner Algoma Steel, has proven the naysayers wrong.
A chart-topping position, bolstered by heavy rotation by peers including Erick Morillo, proved naysayers wrong.
The doctors believe the coma is irreversible, but Ralph feels otherwise, Inspired by the saints, Ralph comes up with a plan--he wile win the Boston Marathon, the miracle that is needed to save his mother Trained by Father Hibbert, a sympathetic teacher, Ralph defies the odds and naysayers by entering the famed marathon.
In the beginning (about five years ago), there were multiple naysayers.
Purists, fussbudgets and naysayers may object that the whole point of being a board member is to be an old salt who has sailed the high seas of finance and has loads of experience.
The British have now arrested 15 indictees with nothing remotely approaching the violent demonstrations that the naysayers predicted.
Naysayers believed a glossy, consumer periodical devoted solely to black books had about as much popular application as the prevailing wisdom among early skeptics of the cell phone.
Be alert for naysayers and don't allow statements like, "It's always been done this way," or "It will never work," to divert your staff.
There was concern at the time it was moved that Purdue's tree, a national champ since 1984, might not survive the upheaval, but the tree defied all naysayers.
Black of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, a longtime critic of the extrasolar-planet findings, has led the naysayers making this argument.
Having outlived the naysayers of the early '80s and survived its sometimes self-destructive tendencies, rap music has emerged as a cash cow for the music industry.