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The ex-Merchant Navy man, 65, is now afraid to go out at night.
The chapters in her memoir include a Navy man in Kansas, trading my bikini for a horse, Dad buys himself a gerbil farm, nobody's business but ours, my mom wears jodhpurs, saving the blond gerbil, rebellions, and the gerbil czar retires.
Surviving Life as a Dumbass: It Doesn't Have to be a Life Sentence" follows Navy man and college graduate Michael E.
In August 1913, Joseph Knowles, a former Boston Post illustrator, one-time trapper, hunting guide and Navy man, went into the Maine woods on a solitary retreat.
While Victor, a modest former navy man, and Graham, an equally modest paratrooper, did their best to play down their roles in the D-Day landings, they will always be seen as heroes in the town of Caen where the vets received a heroes' welcome.
Twice during the past year, former Navy man Damon Ogletree's Pennfield Township, Michigan, house had been broken into.
Retired Navy man James Brown makes custom-tied flies, serves as a fly-tying tutor and repairs fly rods and plates.
He was a career Navy man, fought some wars, did some spy-stuff (I always wondered about that 2" S&W Model 10 in a shoulder holster I found under his coat one day when I was a kid), and generally lived a rip-roaring life for some time.
Mariel Garza found it odd to hear so much pop-business theory coming from a Navy man.
They say David Corkhill, 23, and Nathan Thomas, 24, both from Old Swan, may know who attacked the Royal Navy man, 22, in Liverpool's Walkabout bar, causing his death.
8, 1941, found my career navy man father on board his ship in Manila Bay as the Japanese bombed the Cavite shipyard and ships in the bay ("Home Alone" by Clara Bingham, April).
While Fishers book is unforgettably inspiring, it offers a bonus: Fisher, also a Navy man, provides a personal account of what he had to go through to bring his story to the big screen.
The three men who pulled out were chef Neville Fitzpatrick, former Irish international athlete John Carroll and ex-Royal Navy man Dean Ward.
The injured navy man was not identified, but officials said his life was not in danger.
If they competed sitting down like we do, we certainly would have fared better," said Craig Shear, also a former Nets player and Navy man.
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