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Synonyms for navigable

Synonyms for navigable

capable of being passed, traversed, or crossed

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able to be sailed on or through safely

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An especially unique feature to the guide, is information about some of the lesser known creeks and tributaries that are all navigable by dinghy, shallow draught small craft and kayak, and will mean you can discover some of the more hidden places that are well worth a look.
It described a tributary as having stream-like physical characteristics that contribute flow directly or indirectly to navigable waters.
Contract notice: Central channel operating station of munich wastewater, schleiE-heimerstraE-e, construction, waterproofing works, navigable concrete slabs.
Bulgaria has proposed to Chinese investors a project for the construction of a navigable canal between the cities of Varna and Ruse, according to Varna District Governor Stoyan Pasev.
2 billion people worldwide, while featuring full navigable coverage for 126 countries.
Gaziano of the Pacific Legal Foundation, writing in The Wall Street Journal, say the EPA now wants to control not just wetlands and other non-navigable waters but any water or normally dry land with a ''hydrological connection'' to actual navigable waters.
14) The Court granted certiorari on the single issue of whether the Montana Supreme Court applied the correct federal legal standard (15) for determining whether the Missouri, Clark Fork, and Madison Rivers were navigable at the time of statehood.
Cross Scotland from east to west along this fully navigable waterway.
But the wetlands at issue were over 10 miles away from the nearest navigable waterway and lacked any direct hydrological connection.
The canal has not been navigable since the final trip by the 'Hark' in 1955.
Oregon gained possession of all navigable waterways when it entered the union in 1859.
Amendments to the Navigable Waters Protection Act that will reduce the ability to trigger environmental assessments (EAs) were included in Bill C-10, the government's economic stimulus measures.
Navigable Foods' 2007 net sales were approximately US$50 million.