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literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption

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I'm as prone to navel-gazing as anyone else or maybe more so since I've also worked in journalism, another profession whose practitioners are constantly obsessing over their collective value.
But they will not tolerate division and navel-gazing.
IT MIGHT have been the most navel-gazing, insular Cardiff Bay bubble story of the week.
There is no doubt that much of the content on the social media website comprises navel-gazing drivel.
Have we been navel-gazing rather than looking outwards?
He has not touched alcohol in five weeks and has done a lot of navel-gazing as well as receiving serious professional counsel.
It's rare for us to take a day of rest, but even publishing vixens need some navel-gazing to prep for a new year.
A more-than-capable pop arranger, Ramos-Nishita is at his best mixing elements of navel-gazing rock and earnest folk with smart-assed pop punk edges.
Harvey Pekar is best known for his navel-gazing comic series, American Splendor, in which he enlists celebrated artists to illustrate tales of his humdrum life in Cleveland.
Over the last couple of decades, parishes and dioceses all across the country have embarked on various navel-gazing, brain-storming, and workshopping exercises to deal with the ubiquitous "priest shortage.
I am sure I can't be alone in despairing of the usual earnest, navel-gazing, humourless content of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.
He journeys ever inward in the manner of an amateur scientist searching for some microcosmic fundamental: At the Whitney, navel-gazing self-portraits of one kind or another proliferate, and there is a sense that much of the work was embarked on primarily for its maker's own amusement (admittedly a trait common to much art but arguably better hidden in most).
In the context of the AR, Preview was originally an annual and slightly solemn, navel-gazing fixture of the magazine that ran from 1954 until 1969.
In the broadest sense, blogs can range from someone's navel-gazing musings about intimate personal details to literary, political and social commentary on a variety of events and subjects.
This drains much of the drama away from the final act, turning Alfie's silly-boy questioning into the sort of navel-gazing that a good issue of Cosmo could alleviate.