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literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption

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Let me make it clear, the benefits of crushingly boring navel-gazing gadgets are the ideal way to prove to your other half how much more you do and how much less sleep you get than him.
He said: "The last thing Labour needs now is a week of navel-gazing and speculation about its leadership.
A more-than-capable pop arranger, Ramos-Nishita is at his best mixing elements of navel-gazing rock and earnest folk with smart-assed pop punk edges.
Over the last couple of decades, parishes and dioceses all across the country have embarked on various navel-gazing, brain-storming, and workshopping exercises to deal with the ubiquitous "priest shortage.
I am sure I can't be alone in despairing of the usual earnest, navel-gazing, humourless content of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand.
He journeys ever inward in the manner of an amateur scientist searching for some microcosmic fundamental: At the Whitney, navel-gazing self-portraits of one kind or another proliferate, and there is a sense that much of the work was embarked on primarily for its maker's own amusement (admittedly a trait common to much art but arguably better hidden in most).
In the context of the AR, Preview was originally an annual and slightly solemn, navel-gazing fixture of the magazine that ran from 1954 until 1969.
In the broadest sense, blogs can range from someone's navel-gazing musings about intimate personal details to literary, political and social commentary on a variety of events and subjects.
This drains much of the drama away from the final act, turning Alfie's silly-boy questioning into the sort of navel-gazing that a good issue of Cosmo could alleviate.
That's what he wants to know during his annual bout of navel-gazing.
The diligence and intelligence of its people" garnered 25 percent of the vote while "the humanistic and righteous principles of its people" came in with a navel-gazing 17 percent.
After the euphoric headlines, capitalist triumphalism speedily gave way to navel-gazing.
Media navel-gazing is hardly new, With so many journalists scurrying about the nation's capital, they naturally get together on occasion to consider how important they are.
And the most self-indulgently navel-gazing show of them all is, of course, 42nd Street itself, which has nothing--nothing--on its mind beyond dazzling audiences with extravagantly showy musical numbers.
Hanks has given many interviews about the amount of navel-gazing he went through for his role, but while that makes great glossy copy, will it impress the Oscar judges?