naval battle

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a pitched battle between naval fleets

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A great naval battle is proceeding in the south west Pacific area," Mr Curtin told Parliament.
The Battle of the Philippine Sea in June 1944 (another candidate for largest naval battle in history) became unofficially known as the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot because the victory over Japanese forces was so lopsided.
Harnessing advances in several emergent fields is critical for creating a naval battle lab, but we must exercise prudence in our approach.
Kevin Malone, from Crosby, attended the Alexandra Dock commemoration which honoured those who took part - and in many cases gave their lives - in the largest and deadliest naval battle of World War One.
JEREMY Corbyn is set to miss a service honouring the victims of the First World War's biggest naval battle.
Reg Wilkinson, 80, inherited the barrel his grandfather, George Wilkinson, had made following the 36-hour First World War naval battle which raged from May 31 to June 1 in 1916.
John Torode and Gregg Wallace prepare for a naval battle MASTERCHEF BBC1, 9pm/ BBC2 Wales, 9pm WE'RE half way through semi-finals week, and this is where MasterChef starts to get much more fun.
A program at the Macarthur Landing Memorial National Park in Candahug village was held, which reminisced the largest naval battle in modern history where more than 15,000 soldiers died.
Fort Lovrijenac, an imposing fortress nestled on rocks, fills in for the Red Keep - home to Cersie Lannister (played by Lena Headey, pictured) among others - and the bay just outside its walls was the scene for the naval Battle of the Blackwater.
The Royal Australian Navy's participation in what is arguably history's largest naval battle at Leyte Gulf, and its role in providing crucial support to nine amphibious landings during the campaign made a valuable contribution to the overall success.
By what name is the 1571 naval battle off Navpaktos better known?
He served in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and the Philippines, where he was in the Battle for Leyte Gulf, known as the largest naval battle in history.
Summary: Dozens of Japanese and Taiwanese ships have been involved in a non-lethal naval battle near a chain of disputed islands.
North Korea should discard Cold War thinking and work for peace and mutual existence and prosperity (with South Korea)," Lee said in a speech made in a ceremony held at the 2nd Navy Fleet in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, to mark a naval battle with North Korea 10 years ago.
The Last Naval Battle reflects this earlier experience, and the combination of sea experience and the analytical approach of a business consultant have allowed him to write an extraordinarily good book about the largest naval battle in history, the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
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