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Synonyms for nauseous

Synonyms for nauseous

causing or able to cause nausea

feeling nausea

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People also may feel nauseous or throw up, and also may feel dizzy or lightheaded, sweat profusely and exhibit cool, pale and clammy skin.
It got so bad for her that she would start getting nauseous as she drove towards their house.
An hour after opening her bargain, Emma was rushed to hospital, nauseous and with failing eyesight because the vodka was mostly industrial-strength pure alcohol.
He wanted to carry on, but I think he was progressively feeling a bit more nauseous, but he has been checked out and he is fine.
Frustrations "He's been grimacing and a little bit nauseous since he arrived in the dressing room.
I dropped her off at her house and somehow I got the courage up to give her a kiss and I did, and then she kissed me back and it was this incredible feeling and then I started to get really nauseous and so I said, 'Excuse me,' and I turned around I just threw up all over the hall of her apartment building.
Later, he joined forces with Paul and Archie for a full bin round, which proved to be a "mind-numbing, nauseous slog".
I don't want to take any medication when I'm nauseous.
You're nauseous if you turn other people's stomachs.
Paramedics were first called out in the early hours after staff at the Bullring Shopping Centre, in Birmingham, complained of feeling dizzy and nauseous.
One woman presented to University Hospital Birmingham (England) complaining of episodes of "feeling lightheaded, occasionally nauseous, and suddenly and alarmingly unwell [that] tended to occur when she ate certain kinds of food, especially sandwiches, and drank fizzy drinks'" (Lancet 2008;372:2164).
The rumor started when the actress felt dizzy and nauseous while filming her new television drama series C[pounds sterling]Baed Al ForaqC[yen] (After Departure).
A source revealed: "Nicole keeps waking up during the night feeling nauseous, scared and short of breath.
Her spokesman said she had become unsteady and complained of feeling "slightly nauseous and faint".
I have been spinning, conflicted, nauseous, trying to look for a solution that doesn't impact student learning," board President Hanrion said.