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feeling nausea

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However, she had no explanation for not taking action when the man became nauseated and vomited.
For example, some women with menstrual-related migraine are sensitive to odors, not light, and may not become nauseated as a result of migraine.
As Bernstein neatly put it, people who are nauseated are no more nauseous than people who are poisoned are poisonous" (Bryson).
But on the plane back home, I was nauseated and freezing cold.
In nearly all cases, these people can't drink alcohol because it makes them flushed, dizzy, and nauseated.
And don't forget chemotherapy, which renders the patient shrunken, bald, trembling, and nauseated long before the cancer (assuming there actually is one and the diagnosis was not itself an "error") gets a chance to inflict a single symptom.
Many of the contributors to After Diana seem to have had a similar experience: half in and half out of the public demonstrations of grief, flooded by loud and confusing media fuzz, slightly nauseated.
The day that I was scheduled to perform my first sixth grade frog dissection, the thought of seeing an amphibian inside-out in a cake pan so nauseated me that I became physically ill.
To understand the potential impact language barriers can have on patients, consider the following real-life example from a perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine1: An 18-year-old male patient said in Spanish that he felt nauseated before collapsing.
According to eyewitnesses in a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Kim reportedly "clutched her stomach" and "sported the same nauseated expression on her face that she had when she was in the early stages of pregnancy with her daughter North West.
While the 1-million-square-foot building's offices, cafeteria and some product storage areas are air-conditioned, warehouse workers said the warehouse is not, and the heat -- especially during a July heat wave -- is enough to give them headaches and make them nauseated.
At about the three-hour mark during a marathon, I am no longer able to intake a gel or other food without feeling nauseated.
For once, Time's editorial treatment of long-term care didn't leave me feeling nauseated and outraged, both for residents and for decent owner/operators.
Similarly, a cougar refused to eat deer meat, which it had consumed prior to being nauseated, but continued to enjoy cow and horse meat.
Our study in normal volunteers demonstrates the variability of oral prochlorperazine absorption, a situation that is likely even greater in the nauseated patient because of the associated delay in the movement of stomach contents and absorption of a drug that is swallowed orally.