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Synonyms for nausea

Synonyms for nausea

extreme repugnance excited by something offensive


Synonyms for nausea

disgust so strong it makes you feel sick

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Though the evidence is weaker, women can also use ginger to ease nausea symptoms.
Impact and management of chemotherapy / radiotherapy induced nausea and vomiting and then perceptual gap between oncologists, oncology nurses and patients: a multinational cross-sectional study [sup.
The trials set up that Akynzeo was effective in preventing vomiting and nausea than palonosetron taken alone.
This study is an interventional clinical trial, aimed to compare the efficacy of Propofol alone and Propofol plus Ondansetron for the prevention of nausea and vomiting after laparoscopic abdominal surgery with general anesthesia.
Each ingredient is chosen to bring soothing relief for those nasty nausea symptoms - all without causing drowsiness.
Nausea is one of the most debilitating symptoms of migraine and affects 80 percent of migraine suffers in the United States.
Despite the widespread use of 5-HT3 receptor antagonist anti-emetics such as Palonosetron (Aloxi; Eisai), chemotherapy induced nausea continues to be reported by 70% of adult patients and 58% of children receiving highly emetogenic chemotherapy.
The ability to provide best care to patients suffering from nausea and vomiting requires knowledge of these mechanisms, how anti-emetic drugs work and adverse effects associated with anti-emetic therapy.
Nausea and vomiting (PONV) remains one of the most common and distressing complications, resulting in pain, hematoma, and wound dehiscence, which require additional resources and may delay in the discharge of patient from hospital.
While several studies demonstrated a positive effect of ginger on pregnancy-induced and postoperative nausea and/or vomiting, there is a limited number of studies that examine the effects of ginger on chemotherapy-induced nausea and/or vomiting.
Acute chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting (CINV) was defined as nausea and vomiting occurring within 24 hr of start of chemotherapy (days 1-4) and delayed CINV as that occurring after 24 hr of completion of chemotherapy (days 5-10).
Although often viewed together, nausea and vomiting are separate entities and may exist independently.
To study the effectiveness of hypnosis for decreasing antiemetic medication usage and treatment of chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting in children with cancer, we conducted a prospective, randomized, and controlled single-blind trial in 20 patients receiving chemotherapy for treatment of cancer.
Cancer patients were enrolled if they had already experienced nausea during chemotherapy and were scheduled to undergo further treatments.
Or even get up and make myself a cup of ginger tea, even though I know that ginger reduces nausea.