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a method of treating disease using food and exercise and heat to assist the natural healing process

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The Indian profession is unsurpassed in nature cure and hydrotherapy, the North American profession in primary care, the British in naturopathic physical medicine and the Australian profession in herbal medicine.
Sharma said Kejriwal has been prescribed a strict routine at the nature cure institute; however, political compulsions sometimes force him to step out.
Thus, we could say that what would later lead to the practice of secular naturopathy today was the Christian practice of nature cure, dietary reform, herbalism, and hygiene beginning with the Therapeutae (Essenes) and developing through Christianity of Europe.
In Mabey's Nature Cure, he suggests that what really cured his depression was learning to write again, itself a natural way for humans to interact with the non-human world, since culture is 'the interface between us and the non-human world, our species' semi-permeable membrane'.
Nature Cure movement started in Germany & other western countries with "Water cure" (Hydrotherapy).
With the idea of promoting Vedic Healing, AG8 has started kriti Nature Cure Centre (ANCC) in which the healing centre is based on Vedic Science alternatively, Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda.
Nigel Farndale: Haw-Haw (Macmillan) Richard Mabey: Nature Cure (Chatto & Windus) Alexander Masters: Stuart: A Life Backwards (Fourth Estate) Hilary Spurling: Matisse The Master (Hamish Hamilton
3 Re-bounding on a mini trampoline, if you have access to one, improves lymph and circulation 4 Drink plenty of water at intervals throughout the day but no more than 1pt per hour Kick start Try a day on apples, popular at European nature cure spas, or have a day on vegetables juices with a little brown rice.
Stein told him a great Celtic team needed a fit Bobby Murdoch so he was sent to Lief's Nature Cure Centre in Hertfordshire to lose weight and in a fortnight he shed a stone.
Wright develops this conceit even further at the close of the third essay in Lichen Tufts, "The Nature Cure.
The 46- year- old AAP leader was discharged from Jindal Nature Cure Institute on the outskirts of Bengaluru where he was admitted on March 5 and returned to Delhi around 8 pm on Monday.
Fasting has been part of nature cure for centuries.
Although naturopathy grew from and inherited the traditions of various therapeutic schools (such as the Eclectics and Thompsonian herbal medicine traditions), it was the Nature Cure movement and hydrotherapy practice which most influenced early naturopathy (Whorton 2004).
Doug's programme follows in the footsteps of the natural hygienist movement which spawned many of the European nature cure centres.
As part of the annual Nature Cure class at NCNM, students are required to complete a detox of their choice.
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