naturally occurring

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existing by nature and without artificial aid

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HSE is inviting tenders from individuals or organisations to assess the safety standards at boreholes associated with underground salt cavity and naturally occurring reservoir gas storage developments and to assess the wider geological issues affecting safety at these developments.
Naturally occurring lead levels have been established in various consent agreements and one California Attorney General letter (the "Chocolate Letter").
Researchers pooled the results of 23 trials on trans fats in partially hydrogenated oils and five trials on naturally occurring trans.
The Detour(R) Runner(TM) bar includes whey protein and MicroLactin, a naturally occurring substance derived from milk proteins.
A mineral is a naturally occurring solid with an un-uniform structure.
In conclusion, our results described the genetic characterization of novel, naturally occurring recombinant NoV and increased evidence for the worldwide distribution of recombinant NoV.
The finding adds to a growing list of naturally occurring plant products that stimulate thermoTRP channels, says David McKemy, a researcher who studies the channels at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
Another naturally occurring threat arises from New Mexico's rich mineral resources.
They also contain high levels of the naturally occurring chemical component known as limonene, which has been researched for its anti-carcinogenic properties.
2) Should you embrace or avoid a naturally occurring AL community?
Her company focuses on increasing carbon sequestration through naturally occurring fungi found in hosted plants.
In an environment where safety and control are critical, ensuring no naturally occurring radioactive material escapes, the heaters are linked to a sophisticated extract system.
NYARM has assembled a group of experts in the field of supportive services for naturally occurring retirement communities.
The FDA had banned imports of the lovastatin-containing yeast, claiming that because Merck sold the drug first, it must be considered a drug, albeit a naturally occurring one.
Gypchek: Nucleopolyhedrosis virus (NPV) is a naturally occurring disease that attacks only gypsy-moth larvae.