naturally occurring

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existing by nature and without artificial aid

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The measurement of naturally occurring radiation to establish baseline levels is a normal part of security and emergency preparedness.
Naturally occurring lead levels have been established in various consent agreements and one California Attorney General letter (the "Chocolate Letter").
AP Enterprise is seeking a modification to that approval to accept materials that have elevated levels of naturally occurring arsenic.
Researchers pooled the results of 23 trials on trans fats in partially hydrogenated oils and five trials on naturally occurring trans.
2 : a naturally occurring substance (as ore, coal, salt, or petroleum) obtained from the ground usually for humans to use
A mineral is a naturally occurring solid with an un-uniform structure.
In conclusion, our results described the genetic characterization of novel, naturally occurring recombinant NoV and increased evidence for the worldwide distribution of recombinant NoV.
In all, there are at least seven naturally occurring crystalline forms of silica on Earth, says Kei Hirose of the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Naturally occurring substances fuel other populationwide environmental health concerns in New Mexico.
The naturally occurring compounds in pure essential oils are very fragile, therefore it is important not to heat them or they will lose many of their therapeutic benefits.
2) Should you embrace or avoid a naturally occurring AL community?
Her company focuses on increasing carbon sequestration through naturally occurring fungi found in hosted plants.
In an environment where safety and control are critical, ensuring no naturally occurring radioactive material escapes, the heaters are linked to a sophisticated extract system.
Some of that comes from naturally occurring milk sugar (lactose) and some from naturally occurring fruit sugar (fructose), but quite a bit is added sugar.
NYARM has assembled a group of experts in the field of supportive services for naturally occurring retirement communities.