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Synonyms for naturalistic

Synonyms for naturalistic

accurately representing what is depicted or described

Synonyms for naturalistic

representing what is real


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This has been my thesis for quite some time, my philosophical thesis, speculative, yet naturalistically tethered, possessing a spectrum of directly relevant empirical inputs.
In The Bodhisattva's Brain, Flanagan analyses naturalistically acceptable Buddhist metaphysics, epistemology and ethics to present an account of [happiness.
One of Flanagan's observations is that what naturalism is taken to mean or imply is not dependent on our view of knowledge as a priori or a posteriori so long as "whatever kind of knowledge exists can be explained, as it were, naturalistically.
One visual motif that runs through Wang's paintings is his merging of naturalistically painted elements with areas comprised of rows and columns of dots that look like oversized pixels from a magnified digital photograph.
The result is a prosthetic hand which can be moved far more accurately and naturalistically than previous efforts.
He said: "The result is a prosthetic hand which can be moved far more accurately and naturalistically than previous efforts.
Rescorla holds that Millikan's teleosemantics isolate naturalistically specifiable facts by virtue of which a state or event has truth-conditions.
Sometimes, one's more in focus than the other and you think 'I know this looks great but I don't know what the hell I'm doing' or you try and play something a bit naturalistically and within this style of production that just looks weak.
Perhaps the most significant attempt to define health naturalistically is Christopher Boorse's Biostatistical Theory, hereafter BST (Boorse 1977, 1997).
Read naturalistically, the bird symbolizes environmental dislocation amid dwindling habitats and resources.
Only a small number of its speakers learn it naturalistically, the major part speaks it only academically.
Gavin and Stacey is one of those shows that really tugged at the heartstrings and it was done so naturalistically that it made the viewers feel like they actually knew these people.
2003) Predictive Validity of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria for Naturalistically Matched vs.
This "sea change" was effected by such works as Bryan MacMahon's play The Honey Spike (1961; novelized in 1967), which, Burke asserts, naturalistically and empathetically represents "Traveller difference" from both Unionist and Republican traditions on the divided island of Ireland.
Simultaneously, however, the orchestra imitated quite naturalistically the sounds of the raging weather outside the house.