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Synonyms for naturalistic

Synonyms for naturalistic

accurately representing what is depicted or described

Synonyms for naturalistic

representing what is real


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The work is saved from being twee by the artist's very close attention to craft in an illustration tradition (the landscapes and animals are naturalistically and skillfully rendered in oils, though the animals are placed in human poses), and by a smart sense of humor.
Once we isolate what is naturalistically respectable in Buddhism, we can see a wealth of philosophical insight from which analytic philosophers and scientific naturalists can benefit.
With this visual interference removed, cinema images would flow naturalistically into the next, creating a visceral effect of motion, allowing the viewer to feel more mentally involved and physically immersed in the action.
This visual-verbal catalogue does not aim to naturalistically represent objects and substances but to designate and differentiate items.
One visual motif that runs through Wang's paintings is his merging of naturalistically painted elements with areas comprised of rows and columns of dots that look like oversized pixels from a magnified digital photograph.
The result is a prosthetic hand which can be moved far more accurately and naturalistically than previous efforts.
He said: "The result is a prosthetic hand which can be moved far more accurately and naturalistically than previous efforts.
Ruscha himself has brought together pieces that sometimes come from widely disparate groups of work: for example, Cup of Gold and Of Mice and Men, both 2008, the naturalistically painted spines of two John Steinbeck novels; Books, 1996, a painting of its own title; and History, 2008, a single long brushstroke across a canvas, which resembles the spine of a book.
60) Once again, O'Brien seems to dart between the desire to unalterably fix an impression or memory in a linear and coherent narrative, but also destroy that desire by allowing memory to operate naturalistically in an associative and fragmented process of becoming.
Thus, Level 3 FAP more explicitly targets generalization to the client's daily life compared to Level 2 where generalization is left to occur naturalistically.
Public housing estates in urban Scotland are constructed as decivilized locales, populated by animalistic creatures who naturalistically revel in a well-deserved material and cultural poverty.
As art historian Eliot Rowlands writes in the catalogue essay, "With their unmistakable style and technique, the paintings of Ana Tzarev present a radiant world that is evoked, not naturalistically rendered.
In fact, theologically, Christianity allowed modern science to flourish: nature is not to be worshiped but studied; it is not inherently evil, illusory, or chaotic; nature can make sense through basic laws that can be rationally and naturalistically described; the human mind can comprehend the natural world.
Hursthouse, on Virtue Ethics, supra note 5, at 198-202 (identifying virtue naturalistically in terms of species functioning); Michael Slote, From Morality to Virtue (1992) 89-90, 92, 94 (identifying virtue as admirable trait).
Native speakers in these domains must make space for learners to use their partial and learner-marked proficiency, naturalistically, in these domains.